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Thank You Doctor Berger

Doctor Berger specializes exclusively in tubal reversal surgery and is frequently called the best tubal reversal doctor.
Doctor Gary Berger

Reproductive Surgeon
and Medical Director

Dear Dr. Berger and Staff,

We wanted to send a thank you letter for everything you have done for us. We know that there is no guarantee of pregnancy after tubal reversal surgery, but we would rather have a little chance to conceive than no chance at all.

We researched tubal reversal doctors all over the United States, but not one even came close to Dr. Berger. This was a very big decision for us and we know we made the right one with you.

We were both very nervous about the whole surgery, but the second we got to our consultation the entire staff made us feel comfortable in every way. I want to let you know that among your terrific staff there was the nurse who did my vaginal ultrasound and she was so sweet. I have never met a nicer women. She made what was a scary situation into something that felt very calm and relaxing.

I would also like to give many thanks to all the nurses and other staff members who were there on the day of my surgery. Everyone went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. I really appreciate everything they did for me.

Most of all, thank you, Dr. Berger who is and always will be the best tubal reversal doctor in the whole world. We owe everything to you and we will tell everyone who might be interested in tubal reversal where they can find the very best doctor.


Dawn and Robert Rodriguez

From the tubal reversal message board:

"I have a long academic and career history in healthcare (nationally and abroad). As a result, finding my tubal reversal doctor was something I took extremely seriously, as this would be my one and only chance for more children.

I researched every tubal reversal doctor I could in the U.S. and some abroad for 9 months. Basically, I researched from the top down starting with the inventor of microsurgery for tubal reversal in Belgium. Then I researched and did background checks on all the U.S. doctors who were trained directly under him. Doctor Berger was one of them. That's how I ended up doing the surgery in the states. I absolutely would have traveled to Europe for my surgery if that's what I had to do to find the best tubal reversal doctor.

After researching the doctors here in the states, I felt confident in Doctor Berger's education, residency, and post graduate training, years of experience, and present outcome measurements and decided to go with him for my TR. I have never regretted my decision."   Katherine A.

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