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Pomeroy Tubal Ligation

Pomeroy Technique of Tubal Ligation and Resection

The Pomeroy operation is the most commonly performed tubal ligation method.The most common type of tubal ligation is the Pomeroy procedure, named after Dr. Ralph Pomeroy who described it in 1930. The Pomeroy method involves picking up a segment of the fallopian tube to create a knuckle, placing a tie or ligature with absorbable suture around its base, and then cutting off the knuckle of tube above the tie. As the suture dissolves, the 2 remaining tubal segments separate from each other.

“Modified” Pomeroy Techniques

Interestingly, Dr. Pomeroy did not publish his technique in the medical literature but simply demonstrated it to other doctors. Some of them subsequently published the technique, but with modifications.

Currently, many doctors use the term modified Pomeroy procedure when they describe the tubal ligation they have performed in a patient’s operative report. Each doctor seems to have his or her own way of operating and there are many variations from the original method. Some doctors use absorbable suture, while others use permanent sutures that do not dissolve. Some doctors place more than one tie around the tube and many doctors also burn or cauterize the tubal ends.

A tubal ligation operative report is useful as a guide but does not predict exactly what the remaining tubal segments will be at the time of a reversal procedure. Fortunately, Pomeroy tubal ligation and its modifications are usually excellent in terms of reversibility.

Pomeroy Tubal Ligation Reversal Success

At Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center, we keep a record of all patients’ tubal reversal operations, including the tubal ligation method, the remaining tubal segment lengths, and other important findings at the time of surgery. Since we maintain long term follow-up with our patients, we are able to provide accurate statistics about pregnancies and their outcomes after tubal reversal surgery. Here are some of the pregnancy statistics for women who have had a Pomeroy type of tubal ligation.

Pregnancy Rates of Our Tubal Reversal Patients

The overall pregnancy rate after Pomeroy tubal ligation reversal is 70% for patients at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center. The table below shows pregnancy rates according to women’s ages at the time of tubal reversal. The first column shows ages by 5 year groupings. The second column shows the number of women in each age group who had a tubal reversal. The third and fourth columns show the number and the percentage of women who became pregnant after their reversal procedure. The data shown in this table come from our Tubal Reversal Pregnancy Study Report 2007.

Here is how the pregnancy rate is calculated: The number of pregnant women (column 3) divided by all women in that age category who had reversal surgery (column 2) times 100 equals the percentage of women who became pregnant (column 4). A doctor has to know all of this information in order to be able to state what the success rate is for his patients.

Pregnancy Rate By Age After Pomeroy Tubal Reversal


All Women

Pregnant (#)

Pregnant (

















Good News About Pomeroy Reversal

The good news is that for women under age 40, two-thirds to four-fifths will become pregnant following a tubal reversal procedure. Even for women age 40 and over, approximately 4 out of 10 will conceive another pregnancy. From the follow-up data that we have for our tubal reversal patients, there is good reason for optimism when reversing a Pomeroy tubal ligation.

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127 thoughts on “Pomeroy Tubal Ligation

  1. Mamoni Roy

    without reversal procedure is it possible that a women can pregnant automatically just after 364 days of Pomeroy tubal Ligation procedure?

  2. Dr. Monteith


    This is fairly simply. You can take a pregnancy test and if it is negative then you are probably not ovulating. Tubes do not grow back together so you don’t have to worry about that problem.

  3. tawnya ward

    i had a Modified Pomeroy done on 3-7-2007, i also had a c-section at the same time. my baby was born at 9:08AM and i was in recovery with in 10mins! is that normal? on this date 8-24-12, i am having all the normal pregnancy symptoms that i had with my other kids, all but the no period(which have been un-normal for 2mths). to me it has felt like the tubes regrew, i can tell i’ve passed Eggs, just about every mth for 4 1/2yrs, sup-normal period cramps.. now i’m not liking chocolate(NOT NORMAL!!) tired,dizzy,mild cramping,sore breast, stronger finger nails. took 1 pregnancy test with a NO result, but still feel pregnant….basics are, i had a c-section and a modified pomeroy tubal ligation done on 3-7-07 and now in Aug of 2012, i’m feeling pregnant….WTH do i do?

  4. Dr. Berger Post author

    Madja – Lo siento tener que aprender sobre la salud de su bebé. Si a usted le gustaría tener su reconstrucción de las trompas ligadas, estaremos encantados de hacer esto para usted.

    Gary S. Berger, M.D.
    Medical Director
    Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center

  5. madja da silva sotero

    olá tem 26 dias q tive um bebê mas ele nao esta bem. tenho outros 3 filhos mas nao é desse meu marido e estou preocupada pq a saude de meu bebê nao é boa. ele esta na uti. tem 26 dias e o medico fez a laqueadura por metodo de Pomeroy” então quero saber o que faço para desfazer isso.tenho 35 anos. me ajudem.

  6. Dr. Monteith

    Harveys Angel

    Some women pray for a tubal failure to get pregnant but the chance of pregnancy with a failure is less than 1%. If you have tubal reversal surgery the chance of pregnancy is 70%. Tubal reversal is the best option and you would be a candidate if your body mass index is less that 36.9. We have a BMI calculator on our website.

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