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Tubal Reversal After Tubal Coagulation (Burned Tubes)

Tubal Ligation by Coagulation or Cauterization

Bipolar tubal coagulation usually damages a small amount of fallopian tube and is an excellent tubal ligation method for tubal reversal.Bipolar tubal coagulation is a popular method of female sterilization in the United States. This tubal ligation method is usually performed through laparoscopy. With the bipolar (two-poles) coagulator, the fallopian tube is grasped between two poles of electrical conducting forceps and electrical current is passed through the tube between the two ends of the forceps. Damage to the tube is limited mainly to the small segment between the forceps. Burning two or three adjacent sites is common and generally results in the loss of a few centimeters of the fallopian tube. Bipolar tubal cauterization can be successfully reversed in almost all cases.

Monopolar tubal coagulation is a tubal ligation method that results in moderate pregnancy rates after tubal reversal surgery.Monopolar tubal coagulation is less common than bipolar coagulation tubal ligation. With monopolar forceps, electrical current spreads further along the length of the fallopian tube. Consequently, monopolar cautery tends to damage more of the fallopian tube than bipolar cautery. In many cases, the tube is also cut after it has been coagulated.

When monopolar coagulation is applied to a single site of the tube, tubal reversal can be performed without the need for further diagnostic tests. If multiple sites of the fallopian tube have been burned with the monopolar technique, we offer a screening diagnostic laparoscopy to evaluate the tubal lengths before proceeding to reparative surgery. The screening laparoscopy option is discussed further on our website.

Tubal Coagulation Reversal Success

Each year Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center publishes updated statistics about pregnancy rates and pregnancy outcomes among all of the women who have had tubal reversal procedures performed by Dr. Berger. The data for women who had tubal coagulation sterilizations, presented in the table below, are from our Tubal Reversal Pregnancy Study Report 2007.

Pregnancy Rates of Our Tubal Reversal Patients

The overall pregnancy rate after tubal reversal for women with tubal coagulation procedures is 68% for patients at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center. To calculate the pregnancy rate, the number of women who have become pregnant is divided by the total number who underwent a tubal reversal procedure. The following table shows the numbers and pregnancy rates according to womens’ ages at the time of their tubal reversal surgery.

Pregnancy Rates After Tubal Coagulation Reversal


All Women

Pregnant (#)

Pregnant (


















Tubal coagulation methods of tubal ligation can be successfully reversed in most cases. The pregnancy rate after tubal reversal varies with a woman’s age at the time she has her tubal reversal procedure. The pregnancy rate is 85% for women in their twenties, 74% for those ages 30-34, 64% for women in the 35-39 year age group, and 35% for women 40 years of age or older.

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190 thoughts on “Tubal Reversal After Tubal Coagulation (Burned Tubes)

  1. Charity

    Hello I am 23 years old and have 3 sons I had a tubal after my last soon because my mother pressured me into it. I regret it. I have no children with my fiance. My sons are from my failed marriage. We would like a child but I am so lost as to if I can have a reversal or not please help.

  2. Stephanie B

    I’m under the very recent care of a specialist who I originally wanted to see for a tubal reversal consult. Before even reading the surgical notes, she informed me that if there was ANY cauterization involved, surgey would not be an option and we would have to do IVF instead. Does this sound legit?

  3. Anna Faye

    I had a Bipolar & Monopolar Cautery Ligation done 5 years ago and would like more kids. Doctor explaing i was cut in 3 different areas of my tubes. Can i still have a reverse done? What are the chances of giving birth to another child

  4. Abby

    Hello, I’m a 32yr old mother of 5. (1 set of twins) I had what I believe is a bipolar coagulation 2 years ago, when my youngest was 6mo.
    My doctor printed me out some pictures of the before & after..it’s pretty sad to see. The right side is badly burned, even has a black spot. The left looks just white and not as pinched.
    The burns are close to the uterus, could you tell me what type of sterilization technique that sounds most like? Thank you

  5. Theresa

    I am a 30 year old mother of 3 healthy children. 6 years ago I had my tubes tied. Cut and burned. I believe. Still waitin on medical records. Is it possible for this to be undone and have a baby with my husband ? I have done a fair bit of research and haven’t found much all websites state different success rates. Some say yes I is possible as others say it isn’t possible at all. If we cannot reverse this procedure is it possible to in vitro fertilization ?

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