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Do You Want a Baby after Tubal Ligation?

One of over 1000 babies born after reverse tubal ligation by Dr. BergerThe Doctor Who Unties Tubes

Dr. Gary Berger is a tubal reversal doctor who specializes exclusively in procedures to untie tubes. Dr. Berger created the first and only tubal reversal clinic – Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center. This is the best place to get tubes untied for women who want another baby after tubal ligation.

Why Untie Tubes?

One of the questions Dr. Berger asks his patients is what made them decide to have their tubes untied. In answering this question, women describe the circumstances which led them to want another child after tubal ligation. Most cases involve divorce and remarriage. Often the husband has no children, and the couple would like to have a family of their own. Some couples already have children together but realize that having a tubal ligation was a decision that they regret. Death of a child, religious considerations, and the desire to relieve symptoms of “Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome” are other reasons for wanting to get tubes untied.

Pregnancy After Tubes Tied

Although there are many websites that discuss reverse tubal ligation, information about success rates is often lacking or stated in general terms. To make a fully informed decision about tubal reversal, women should have specific and accurate statistics about pregnancies regarding a doctor’s own patients rather than a general statistic taken from some other source. Otherwise, it has little meaning.

Tubal Reversal Center Pregnancies

Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center provides information each week about pregnancies after tubal reversal procedures performed by Dr. Berger. Whenever one of Dr. Berger’s patients becomes pregnant, they can submit a Pregnancy Report Form to alert the Tubal Reversal Center staff of their pregnancy. This enables Dr. Berger and his nurses to monitor the results of the Early Pregnancy Protocol that is recommend by Dr. Berger. Each week, the new pregnancy reports are tabulated and listed in the Weekly Pregnancy Reports forum on the Tubal Reversal Message Board. During this past week, there were 20 new pregnancies reported by Dr. Berger’s tubal reversal patients. This is more than reported in a year by most doctors who perform tubal reversal procedures! Additional information about the new pregnancies is shown in the Pregnancy Announcements section of the Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center website. A complete statistical analysis of the outcome of all tubal reversals is published as the Tubal Reversal Study Report each year.


By establishing a medical facility exclusively for tubal reversal procedures that untie tubes, following up on all patients who have had a reverse tubal ligation, and publishing their pregnancy statistics, Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center has set a new standard for other doctors who provide tubal reversal services to follow.

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174 thoughts on “Do You Want a Baby after Tubal Ligation?

  1. Dr. Monteith

    Conception after reversal depends on the age of the woman. In general about 60% of patients will become pregnant after tubal reversal.
    The surgery is safe, we charge $5900, the main risk is the risk of tubal pregnancy but that can be easily managed by following our early pregnancy protocol.

  2. Linda Dawkins-Zelaya

    I had my tubes tied 21years ago, got married to a 26 year old man that wants children. We have been married for four years now and have been discussing the possibilities of us getting pregnant. How likely is it for us to conceive even after so long? How much would it cost us? What are the risks involved? We are anxious to get started if at all possible. Can you help us?

  3. Yamilette Rodriguez

    I had my tubes cut n burn approximately 5 years ago n I will love to have another child please help me….

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