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What to Know if You Want Tubes Untied

Is There a Simple Procedure to Untie Tubes?

Women who have had their tubes tied and then want to get tubes untied often ask if there is a simple procedure that permits pregnancy after tubes tied. Often they envision a tubal ligation as if there is a bow tied around the tubes that can be simply untied, like one unties a shoelace. This is actually not the case. The common term “tying tubes” simplifies what is a tubal ligation – or tubal sterilization – is.

How Tubes are “Tied”

Pomeroy Tubal Ligation
Tied and Cut
Pomeroy Tubal Ligation (Tied and Cut)
Final Result
After Pomeroy Tubal Ligation

The most common type of tubal ligation involves putting a surgical ligature (or tie) around a loop of the fallopian tube and then cutting off the segment that has been ligated. The two tubal segments separate from each other. This is the Pomeroy technique, first describe by Dr. Ralph Pomery. Some doctors burn the ends of the tubes that have been cut and may use the term “modified” Pomeroy procedure in their operative report.

Another common type of ligation/resection procedure is the Parkland tubal ligation. With this techniqe, two ligatures are placed around the tube at a distance from each other and the portion of the fallopian tube in between the ligatures is resected (cut out). There are many other variations of the ligation and resection method of tubal ligation.

Tubal sterilization can also be performed by burning the tubes. This may be done with electocoagulation (coagulation, cautery, or cauterization) or with thermal coagulation. There are also variations with the coagulation methods of tubal ligation, such as the use of monopolar or bipolar coagulators, and the number of sites burned and for how long they are burned. The greater the number and the longer coagulator is applied to the tube, the greater the amount of damage.

A third method of female sterilization involves simply blocking or obstructing the tube with clips or rings. In general, these tend to cause the least amount of damage to the tube. Of all tubal ligation techniques, the tubal clip (Filshie clip or Hulka clip) is the least damaging and the one that consistenly gives the best results when the tubes are “untied” or repaired.

Essure is another new tubal sterilization procedure. This does not require surgery, but it is the least reversible method for women wanting kids after tubal ligation.

Dr. Berger’s Comment

This summary is to help women who want to get their tubes untied. The first thing to know is what tying tubes actually means. It is not as simple as placing a string around the tube that can later be untied. Contrary to what some people think, tubes don’t become untied by themselves after a certain length of time. With this basic information about the fallopian tube and tubal ligation methods in mind, I will explain how reversal of tubal ligation is done in the next topic Tubal Reversal Blog – How to Get Tubes Untied: Reverse Tubal Ligation.

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140 thoughts on “What to Know if You Want Tubes Untied

  1. Dr. Berger Post author

    Holly – There is no restriction about the length of time from tubal ligation to tubal reversal. The cost is $5900 – you can read details on the tubal reversal cost page. Most insurance companies do not cover any part of this type of surgery.

  2. Holly

    Is there a length of time that this surgery would have to be done in?For example I am 41 my youngest child is 13 and I had a tubal after his birth-does it matter the length of time since?And how much does this cost ?Does insurance cover any of it?

  3. Dr. Berger Post author

    Lisa Guzman – It is doubtful that you will find a tubal reversal specialist near Bay City, Texas. If you find a doctor who does not perform this type of surgery on a daily basis, don’t expect to have as good a result as at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center and by all means, ask to compare the doctor’s success rates with those of women who have had their tubes untied at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center: http://press.tubal-reversal.net/2009/pregnancy-rates-by-age-and-tubal-ligation-method.html

  4. lisa guzman

    Hi,About 8 years ago I tied and burned my tubes after having my son,Im really thinking about reverse tubal ligation,how much and who to find near bay city texas,my ex didnt want anymore kids after our three,but I met the love of my life and we always dream of having a baby together because his four from his first wife are all grown up and out of the house and he loves and enjoys being a stepdad to my children.What or who can I contact for the right info.?

  5. Bobbi Marshall

    When I went into labor with my last son, I was givin some kind of pain killer, not sure what it was, but I was quite out of it. Soon after they realized the baby was in the breach position and I needed to have a c section performed. I kind of remember my doctor in the room with papers, but thats about it. When I came out of surgery, I was told that my tubes had been tied. My doctor said to me.. If anyone asks just tell them that we had talked about this before and that you were counciled on the matter. I had never mentioned or talked about having my tubes tied with him, or anyone else. This was 7 years ago, the doctor that did this has passed away. I have always wanted more children.. but 3 months ago, our oldest son passed away. Nothing could ever take his place, but I would love to have another child. I looked into the prices of reversal, and things look bleak for us right now, but if I ever had the money, I would definitely have this procedure done.

  6. Tasha Richmond

    I had my tubes tied 6yrs ago and my husband ha Vascetomy 4 years ago. Does your clinic reverse both

  7. Dr. Berger Post author

    Maya James – There is a very low chance that tubal reversal surgery will become undone. Healing takes a few weeks. There is no bleeding after the surgery at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center.

  8. Maya James

    If I get a TR is there a chance that it will come undone? Do they heal fast? And do you bleed after the surgery? Thank you!

  9. Dr. Berger Post author

    Lisa Scott – The length of time that your tubes have been tied does not affect the ability to perform tubal reversal surgery, but it does affect the pregnancy rate since fertility declines with increasing age.

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