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Affordable Tubal Reversal Surgery

Affordable tubal reversal surgery is our expertise at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center.

Affordable tubal reversal is offered at our reversal centerWe exclusively perform tubal surgery, specialize in tube reversal, and have performed over 7,000 tubal reversals at our reversal center. We have consistently been able to provide affordable and low cost tubal reversasl. The following article will attempt to provide some insight into the affordability of our sterilization reversal surgery and discuss new tubal reversal pricing we are currently offering.

Free Tubal Reversal: No Cost?

We do not offer free – or no cost – tubal reversal. Many potential patients will contact us asking if we would consider providing a free tubal reversal surgery. Many of these patients have extreme financial and social difficulties.

Although many of these people do have tragic circumstances behind their reasons and regret about tubes tied, we have not been able to offer free sterilization reversal to these patients. Due to the costs of running a surgical center, we cannot offer free reversal services but we have been able to make tubal reversal very affordable by keeping our cost low and also by providing a pre-payment financing option for tube reversal surgery.

We have recently started a blog series on Tubal Reversal Angels. These are personal stories about patients of ours who have experienced tragic events and want to reverse their tubals. A perfect example are our Idaho Tubal Reversal Angels. This tubal reversal story and other personal tubal reversal stories can be found on our Tubal Reversal Blog.

Cheap Tubal Reversal: Be Careful Of Cheap Costs

Cheap tubal reversals are not hard to find and depend on your definition of ‘cheap’. We believe ‘cheap’ and ‘surgery’ are words which should not be used together.

Tubal reversal price is affordable Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center.The cheaper tubal reversals surgeries are often found outside of the United States, but patients have to factor in the cost of international travel, the cost of hotel stays, and also potential problems with follow-up should there be any surgical complications. The most important factor to consider, of course, is the quality of medical care.

When one adds the cost of the cheap tubal reversal ‘deal’, international travel cost, hotel cost, border crossing cost, and meals costs then these are not cheap tubal reversals. They can be ‘cheap’ in the short run but more costly in the long run.

A recent 40 year-old patient of ours who had a successful pregnancy after tubal reversal describes why she did not travel internationally to pursue a cheaper tubal reversal surgery.

Cost of Tubal Ligation Reversal: Our Center

The cost of a tubal ligation reversal at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center typically runs between $5,900-6,900 dollars.

Other providers have slightly higher costs and some providers charge in excess of $15,000. We are able to keep our costs low because we exclusively provide tubal reversal surgery and we pass on our cost savings to our patients.

Our Special Tubal Reversal Price

Affordable tubal reversal surgery at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center.We currently have a very special price for tubal reversal surgery.

We are offering a very affordable tubal reversal surgery if the tubal reversal surgery is both scheduled and performed in January or February of 2010.

To qualify for the special reduced cost reversal surgery a patient must pay for,  schedule, and have their reversal surgery performed before February 28, 2010.

This reduced fee tubal reversal surgery is substantial. Interested readers should call to speak with our staff about the cost and availability of surgery dates before the 28th of February.

IVF Price: Tubal Reversal Is Cheaper

Price options definitely have to be considered. The alternative treatment to tubal reversal is in-vitro fertilization (IVF). The price of IVF is typically between $9-12,000 for each cycle. We have previously published articles providing an overview of IVF as well as articles discussing benefits of  IVF and risks of IVF. If additional IVF cycles are needed or additional IVF treatments are required then the price of IVF increases drastically.

Some IVF plans will be priced considerably more and will be priced to start around $15-20,000 dollars. These plans ‘guarantee’ you either a pregnancy or most of your money back.

Funding For Tubal Reversal

If you can get funding for your tubal reversal now then the first two months of 2010 would be a good time to have tubal reversal surgery at our reversal center. During the holidays this year and with the recent economic recession, we have had lower surgical volume so we are extending this holiday discount to all patients who can schedule and have their tubal reversal surgery before February 28, 2010.

Affordable tube surgery available early 2010If you are interested in having an affordable tubal surgery with us you can visit the Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center website for more information or  call (919) 968-4656 for a free tubal reversal nurse consultation.

Tubal reversal is not free and it certainly is not cheap, but we make tubal ligation reversal at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center a reality for many women by offering affordable reversal surgery.


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    My mother is looking into the procedure, however we don’t have insurance and need a surgeon that is actually affordable AND experienced. roughly how much would she have to pay for it?

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