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After Tubal Ligation: Trying to Conceive

Over 7,000 women have undergone tubal ligation reversal at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center. For many the hardest decision was choosing to have tubal reversal surgery.

Many-women-will-conceive-after-tubal-reversalTubal reversal provides excellent chances at pregnancy and many of our reversal patients will become pregnant. Our pregnancy statistics show approximately 70% will become pregnant over time. Yet many of our patients will not become pregnant immediately after surgery and obtaining a successful pregnancy, for some, may take several years.

The tubal reversal experts of Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center would like to provide some helpful advice on how to become pregnant after reversal surgery.

After Tubal Reversal: Take A Multivitamin

After tubal ligation reversal, women can ensure a healthy pregnancy by monitoring their nutrition, eating a healthy diet, and taking a daily multivitamin. One of the nutrients critical to a successful pregnancy is folic acid. Research studies demonstrate taking a daily dose of 400 micrograms of folic acid will greatly reduce the risk of pregnancy birth defects and miscarriage. Taking a multivitamin every day is  good pregnancy insurance.

Tubal Reversal And Smoking: Stop!

Cigarette smoking is a habit, which has conclusively been shown to be very harmful in pregnancy. The substances found in cigarette smoke cause poor healing and may cause poor healing of the tubes after reversal surgery. Women who smoke  during pregnancy have more miscarriages, preterm births, placental abruptions, and smaller babies. Stopping smoking is the best thing any woman can do for her health and her pregnancy. The same goes for consumption of alcohol.

After Tubes Reversed: Optimize Medical Problems

Consulting with your doctor before or after reversal surgery is a very good idea if you have medical problems. The most common medical problems, which can cause problems during conception, are diabetes and thyroid disease.

Women with poor control of their blood sugar are more likely to miscarry or have fetal birth defects. Women with poorly controlled thyroid disease are also likely to have problems conceiving. Good control of blood sugars and thyroid disease is critical to having healthy conception and pregnancy.

After Tube Reversed: Evaluate  Medications

pregnancy-after-tubal-reversal-occurs-70%-of-timeIf you are on prescription medications then it is advisable you consult with your doctor prior to becoming pregnant. Some prescriptions medications can be harmful to a pregnancy and can cause pregnancy miscarriage or birth defects. Medications to be concerned about are certain antibiotics, blood pressure, seizure, and blood thinning medications.

A consult with your doctor to discuss medications before becoming pregnant is advisable prior to conceiving.

After Tubes Untied: Monitor Ovulation

Irregular ovulation is the most common problem faced by many patients after tubal ligation reversal. Many women will develop irregular ovulation (irregular egg release) as they become older or as they gain weight. The most visible sign of irregular ovulation is erratic periods. If a woman is skipping periods then eggs are not being release reliably and consistently. Irregular ovulation can make conceiving very difficult because it is harder to predict ovulation to best time sexual intercourse.

We recommend using ovulation predictor test kits after tubal reversal to increase the chance of conceiving every month. If ovulation is not being documented then a consult with your doctor to determine the cause is recommended.

Pregnancy After Tube Untied: Are Tubes Blocked?

Most women will become pregnant within a year after their tubes are untied; however, some may require longer becoming pregnant. When all factors are ideal the chance of becoming pregnant with intercourse on the day of ovulation is about 8-10% for that month. Therefore, we recommend our patients wait 12 months before deciding to have an HSG x-ray to determine if their tubes are blocked.

In our experience, approximately 5% of patients will have a least one tube blocked after tubal reversal surgery. Most of our patients will have open tubes after reversal surgery.

After Reversal: Semen Analysis?

Sometimes ovulation will be regular and tubes will not be blocked. Although male infertility can contribute to a couple’s infertility 50% of the time, most men will have normal semen counts. We encourage all patients to consider a semen analysis and especially if the male has not fathered any children or has serious medical problems.

If conception has not occurred after a year, ovulation has been documented, and the tubes are open then we advise a semen analysis. Occasionally a low sperm count can be identified as the possible cause when all other factors have been evaluated.

Pregnancy After Tubes Untied

Tubal reversal offers women the ability to become pregnant naturally and every month.

After-tubes-untied-many-patients-become-pregnantSince tubal reversal restores the natural ability to become pregnant, women also have to endure the natural challenges to pregnancy.

Most of these challenges can be overcome with a positive outlook, healthy lifestyle changes, ovulation monitoring, and consultation with a doctor.

Many women will have success conceiving after tubal reversal, but this does not mean pregnancy will occur  immediately or quickly for all women.


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56 thoughts on “After Tubal Ligation: Trying to Conceive

  1. Jessica

    I had my surgery on 12-7-11 and my menstral cycle is normal I start on the 15-20 give or take and bleed for 4-6 days we have Unprotected sex daily but nothing so far I’m 29 & weigh 160 am I doing something wrong?!? The dr told me that my surgery was amazing best ever perfect spot & went together perfect I had bikini cut. Please tell me what I can do to help… I’m keeping up with my cycle on the iPhone app called my days..

  2. Dr. Berger

    Mrs. Baker – There may be a risk of premature labor in subsequent pregnancies. I don’t think that PTSD will affect your chances of a successful reversal procedure or getting pregnant.

  3. Mrs. Baker

    Thanks Dr. Berger for the information. I was just a little worried that my history of premature labor and the PTSD would lessen my chances of being a great candidate for the tubal reversal. I did however forget to mention that I had a miscarriage with my second pregnancy, so I actually conceived 4 times and gave birth to only 3 of the four that I was pregnant with.

  4. Mrs. Baker

    Hi Dr.,
    I am 31 years old with three kids ranging from the ages of 15, 10, and 9 from a previous marriage. I recently got remarried and my new spouse has no kids, we want so badly to have a child now. I had my tubal ligation performed June 22, 2002, just two hours after I had my third child. I was hospitalized for a week with each of my pregnancies for premature labor during my 7th month of pregnacy and had to be put on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy (with all of my pregnancies). Since I had my last child and my tubal ligation, I have been deployed to Iraq. Shortly after returning from Iraq, I was diagnosed with PTSD and is currently being treatd for PTSD and severe deprssion. I do not know what procedure was performed as far as what type of tubal ligation I had. I was wondering, if I would be a good candidate for a tubal reversal?

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