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Some women who come for tubal reversal are true angels.Tubal reversal surgery is our specialty at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center. Although we exclusively treat infertility and tubal blockage, we do not perform IVF. We are dedicated to corrective tubal surgery and tubal reversal surgery.

Our dedication exists to help women and couples whose lives are affected by tubal blockage. We perform a large number of these procedures every year and we frequently encounter special people who seek tubal reversal while enduring great difficulties. These women have come to be known as Tubal Reversal Angels.

Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery: Information

Much information about tubal ligation reversal surgery exists on our Tubal Ligation Reversal Blog.

Our blog articles attempt to provide readers with information about tubal ligation reversal surgery. The majority of this information revolves around the medical aspects of tubal reversal surgery, pregnancy before and after tubal reversal surgery, and the alternatives to tubal reversal surgery. With the permission of some patients we also share their personal stories as they seek to improve their lives through tubal reversal ligation reversal surgery.

Personal Stories About Tubal Reversal

Personal stories about tubal reversal are intended to show readers they are not alone in their desire to have a tubal reversal and there is no ‘typical’ tubal reversal patient. Although the majority of our patients seek more children after failed relationships, many of our patients have a wide variety of other reasons for which they seek tubal reversal.

Angels of tubal reversal do exist at our reversal center.Our patients are of all ages: some of our patients are  younger and others are much older.  Some patients are Caucasian and from the mid-west while others are African American from the south.

Many of our patients come to the center with spouses but some come with family members and friends. Other patients find  tubal reversal sisters along their journey.

Some patients seek to relieve post tubal ligation symptoms, some come after religious conversions, and a few travel to us to reverse a decision they made during a stressful times in their lives.

Women who seek tubal ligation reversal come from all areas of the world and all walks of life. Some are  executives and own their own companies. Some are inventors, nurses, and medical professionals.  Others are stay at home moms and some are unemployed.

Angels of Tubal Reversal

We also see a unique group of women who have endured stressful and tragic life events. These  women come to our center seeking reversal. Through this ‘reversal’ they seek relief from the tragedies of their lives. Some have not been victims of tragedy, but rather have endured difficult life circumstances. Some are woman who chose to be self-less and, through their tubal reversal, give the gift of life to some other woman who has been the victim of a serious life event. These woman are the true Tubal Reversal Angels and they are easy to recognize.

Angels And Tubal Ligation Reversal

Many of our patients have endured difficult life events. Many have had tragic circumstances and have gone and come through our center without being seen, noticed, or recognized. Occasionally, we are aware of these events and these patients easily stand out as being true angels of our tubal reversal practice.

Angels do touch our lives in the desire for pregnancy.We would like to share the stories of these woman and couples who have undergone these unique life events and those who give us permission will be periodically featured in our Tubal Reversal Blog.

Their stories will be published as they come available to us. The titles of their stories will be announced as angels and each blog article will be identified with an artistic representation of an angel.

We invite readers to sign up for these blog publications at the end of this article, leave comments on the articles, and join in on discussions which are occurring on our Tubal Reversal Message Board.

Submitted by Dr. Charles Monteith


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17 thoughts on “Tubal Reversal Angels

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  3. Tammy and Michael

    Michael and I dated in high school…then became good friends…he attended my wedding…was around for major holidays…my two daughters…and when I divorced, we dated again…I moved to Florida when my daughters were 5 and 2…we lost touch…he married someone…I met someone…I had two more children…my husband was on dialysis, received a transplant and sadly due to complications of the transplant, passed away…leaving me with a 16, 13, 3 and 1 year old….I talked to Michael shortly after losing my husband…but again lost touch…Last year, I received a call from Michael…he sadly lost his wife…both of our spouses were taken away too young, too unexpected, and in very similar circumstances…I, having been through the pain of becoming a widow at a young age, helped Michael through his pain…we eventually fell in love and are soon to be married…he is a wonderful daddy to my children…Michael never had children with his wife…We desperately want a child together…I had my tubes tied after my youngest child…I was so busy taking care of my husband with his medical needs, that I couldn’t imagine life with another child…I thought that I was done…I never dreamed I would become a widow, then be reunited with my first love…my best friend…I also had an ablaltion several years ago…I still have very regular very normal menstrual cycles…We will be making an appointment for tubal reversal…Wish us luck!! We wish luck to all of you!

  4. Laura

    Hi Jennifer,

    Wow, now that was fast and congratulations on the birth of Caleigh! And the best of luck trying again and tons of baby dust! I hope you do not mind me asking (I’m sure many of us are wondering and hoping for the same) how do you think you actually conceived so fast? Do you know when you ovulated?

  5. Jennifer Marshall

    My tubal reversal was performed 12/22/08. To “our” surprise, as well as the doctors at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center, Caleigh Ann Marshall was conceived before we left Chapel Hill to return home. It was calculated that Caleigh was conceived the 22nd (yes, the night of the surgery) or on the 23rd (before we left the Sheraton the following day). Caleigh Ann Marshall was due Jan 15th 2009, but blessed us with her presence on September 1st (due to gestational diabetes and lovely insulin shots…YUCK!). Anthony and I will try one last time, here in the next couple months, once my body gets back to “somewhat normal”. Caleigh is truly a gift from Chapel Hill and God. Anthony and I are blessed and thank Chapel Hill and Dr. Berger for making us parents. You truly are Tubal Reversal Angels!

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