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Can You Get Pregnant After Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery?

Reversing uchida sterilizationYes. You can you get pregnant after  tubal ligation reversal surgery!

In our previous article, we presented the stories of two patients who traveled to Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center in early March of 2010.

During their visit, we were also being visited by reporters from a leading North Carolina Magazine reporting on cutting edge medical practices.

A condensed version of their article on tubal reversal surgery can be seen: Berger Babies And Database Are Proof Tubes Can Be Untied.

In our previous Tubal Reversal Blog article, Is It Possible To Get Pregnant After a Tubal Ligation?, we promised we would divulge which of the two patients received her answer to the question of:

“Is it possible to get pregnant after tubal ligation reversal surgery?”

Getting pregnant after tubal reversal surgery

Tammy and Gary were the first couple to get pregnant after tubal reversal surgery.

Patient with uchida tubal ligationThey announced their pregnancy first, but just before this publication, Sandy announced her first tubal reversal pregnancy!

Both patients were able to get pregnant after their tubal reversal surgeries!

Can Uchida tubal ligation be reversed?

Tammy had a very uncommon form of tubal tying called the Uchida ligation procedure. This sterilization procedure has been reported as the most effective ligation procedure with the lowest rate of tubal ligation failure.

During the Uchida procedure, the doctor cuts and ties the tubes, but also hides one of the cut tubal ends underneath some healthy tissue in an effort to further prevent accidental pregnancy. This type of tubal ligation procedure is not performed very often because of the extra time required during the tubal ligation operation.

We do see patients who have had the Uchida ligation and we have found the Uchida ligation can be reversed.

Can tubal ligation be reversed? Can pregnancy happen?

women having reversal of cut and tied tubesTammy’s tubes were not just cut and tied. They were also ‘dunked’ with the Uchida procedure. Her cut and tied tubes were reversed and readers who are interested in the details of her surgery can read the previous article.

Tammy did report a pregnancy to us three months after her reversal surgery. She has also reported the pregnancy is developing normally inside her uterus and she expects her due date to be March/April of 2011.

Tammy does provide us with updates on our Tubal Reversal Facebook page. We hope she will send us a photo to add to our Facebook album next year!

Can you get pregnant after tubes are cut and tied?

Sandy was able to get pregnant after her reversal of cut and tied tubes. Six months after her reversal surgery and one week before the publication of this article, Sandy submitted a pregnancy report announcing her first tubal reversal pregnancy!

It is too soon to tell the location of the pregnancy or if it will be successful but we are pleased that she too was able to get pregnant after her tubes were cut and tied.

Do tubal reversals work?

Tubal reversals do work and cut and tied tubes can be reversed. Pregnancy after reversal most definitely happens.

Many people and medical professionals mistakenly believe you can not get pregnant after your tubes have been tied.

Our experience says otherwise and reporters from Triangle Physician Magazine were able to observe and report first-hand about the specialized tubal reversal surgery care we provide. We exclusively perform tubal reversal surgery on patients who travel to us from all across the world.

We have performed over 10,000 reversal operations at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center and maintain an extensive pregnancy database on the success of these reversal surgeries.

We welcome readers to view Tammy’s patient satisfaction message and also to read our 1000th Patient Testimonial.

experts performing uchida reversalsWe specialize in reversing tubal ligations. We recently reported on the first successful reversal of Adiana sterilization, which was a milestone in the history of tubal ligation reversal surgery.

For more information about tubal ligation reversal, call (919) 968-4656 to speak with a staff member for free tubal reversal advice.

Submitted by Dr. Charles Monteith


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