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Paying For Tubal Reversal Surgery: Lauren’s Plan

Lauren finds unique ways to pay for reversalLauren continues her story about tubal reversal surgery. Like many tubal reversal patients, she has to figure out a way to pay for her reversal surgery.

She devises a variety of strategies and comes up with a uniquely ‘southwestern’ plan to provide the money for her plans. Readers are invited read her plan below, but if you would like to follow Lauren from the beginning of her journey you should begin with her first blog article: My Tubal Reversal Story: Lauren’s Journey In Search of Conception.

How To Pay For My Tubal Reversal?

I told Bryan about the idea of a tubal reversal surgery and he sounded positive about it . I have to admit he was a little surprised tubal reversal was an option. After years of thinking we had no chance, here was our miracle!

I joined the Tubal Reversal Message Board in February, 2004 and started chatting with other ladies interested in having their tubal ligations reversed at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center.

The next thing I did to get started with tubal reversal surgery was to order our tubal ligation operative report for the doctors to review. A couple days after they were faxed, I received the call from CHTRC. The nurse happily assured me the tubal ligation report looked favorable and I was a good candidate for reversal surgery! After we hung up, tears of joy flowed uncontrollably. Our next hurdle was how to pay for my tubal reversal surgery.

Can I Get A Tubal Reversal Surgery Loan?

My first thought was could I get a tubal reversal loan? We talked and talked about how we were going to raise the money to pay for reversal surgery. It seemed each time we thought we had a solution, something came up that set us back. Out of desperation in 2008, I tried to apply for a tubal reversal surgery loan to have the reversal done locally. But Bryan sat me down and helped me to come to my senses. He told me to be patient, and he knew I wanted to have this surgery done correctly with Dr. Berger. He also told me that the last thing we wanted was a huge loan payment each month.

Paying For My Reversal Surgery

Brian felt uncomfortable paying for the tubal reversal surgery before any debt was paid off (well, the smaller ones that can be taken care of). His solution was to sell our water rights. He told me he can landscape without it, and the money we would receive from selling the water rights would pay off our debt, pay for home improvements, and pay for the tubal reversal surgery! I was ecstatic! We went to Albuquerque to meet with a man from the Waterbank. He said it was sellable and would work on helping us sell it. We first had to raise $1100 for the water audit (we were later told that most people only charge $300! ARG!) After that was paid, we waited. And waited. And, waited. Periodically, we would call. No news. And, another month went by.

At the end of the summer of 2009, my father-in-law decided to retire, sell his home, and travel. So, we decided to help him and to have a couple of yard sales at our home. One afternoon, after we had closed the yard sale, a man came driving up. He got out of his truck, and started to look at the items on the tables that we did not put away yet. At first, I didn’t want to go back out, I was tired and sunburned, but I thought it couldn’t hurt. So, I went outside and met him. His name was Rick. We chatted for a bit (he was interested in a set of bar stools) and for some reason I brought up selling our water rights. He then proceeded to tell me that he worked for the local Water Division in our town (I didn’t even know there was one in our town!) He also said his company has been looking for years to buy local water rights. I was shaking with excitement. He told me to bring the water audit and any other information I had to his office that week. After that week, Rick and his colleagues decided they wanted to purchase our water rights! Hallelujah!

How To Get Money For Tubal Reversal? My Success!

paying for tubal reversal requires creativityIn January, 2010, after our water rights had been published and accepted by the New Mexico state engineer’s office, we knew we were close. I talked with Bryan about possibly using our tax money to pay for the tubal reversal procedure before the water right closing sale, as there was a special tubal reversal price in February! He agreed, and for some reason, we received a much larger refund this year (I had an education credit) which paid for all of (and almost to the dollar!) the surgery, our 4 plane tickets, and my parents’ plane tickets as well.

We wanted to surprise them, and give them an opportunity to see their “babies” again…it had been 2 years since they had seen them! Unfortunately, we were just shy of missing the discount, but very fortunately, we were able to schedule with Dr. Berger on Monday, March 1, 2010. The CHTRC nurse asked us which day of the week we would like, to which I responded Monday. Monday it was! Wow!!

Submitted By Lauren H.

MeganORmatt on the Tubal Reversal Message Board

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