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Tubes Untied and Tubes Reversed: Pregnancy After Reverse Tubal Ligation

Pregnancy after tubes untied is a reality for most patientsThis is the story of my first baby after reverse tubal ligation. For the initial twelve years of my professional career, I practiced both high and low risk obstetrics and gynecology with a local university based group. This time was spent teaching medical students and residents, providing obstetrical care for high-risk populations, and performing minimal invasive surgery on high risk surgical patients.

Gradually I become discontent with the delivery of modern medicine and I then began my work of providing low cost, affordable out-patient tubal reversal.

I have now dedicated myself to learning the surgical techniques and philosophical approach to for patients who want their tubes untied taught to me by Dr. Berger of Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center. Since 2008 I have exclusively provided corrective tubal surgery alongside Dr. Berger at the reversal center.

Successful Pregnancies After Tubes Untied

Since my start as a tubal reversal specialist, I have had many happy patients and reversal pregnancies. My first successful reversal came during my first week of working in the Tubal Reversal Center. This successful tubal reversal and tubal reversal baby will always be very dear to me. Previously we reported on my first four pregnancies after tubes reversed.

Following is a testimonial submitted by Melanie. Melanie traveled to Chapel Hill, NC from Alaska to have her tubes untied. She had a reversal of a Falope tubal ring sterilization procedure and she was pregnant within three months.

Tubes Tied And Tubal Regret: First Tubal Reversal Baby

My name is Melanie and my family was blessed again on March 25, 2009 at 10: 35 am when my son Orin David Shalom was born making him the first TR baby for Dr. Monteith.

Approximately 9 years ago after my first son was born, I decided that one child was enough and I had my tube tied after my C-section. I never really regretted having them tied until I met my current husband of 2 years.

He had never had a chance to have a child of his own. In March of 2008, we started searching for someone to reverse the decision I made nine years ago. After researching several clinics we decided to go with Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center. Before I knew it I was at Chapel Hill and sitting before Dr. Monteith talking about the procedure to have my tubes reversed. The next day the reverse tubal ligation surgery went very well and the next day I was heading back to Alaska.

Pregnancy After Tubes Reversed

On August 18th I was able to tell my husband that he was going to be a father on our 1st year anniversary….our new life thus began.

Baby David after tubes reversedThroughout the pregnancy there were many ups and downs. I just kept telling myself the outcome is worth every bit of the morning sickness and the hurdles that were in our way. After 36 weeks of jumping these hurdles my son was born. Because he was premature he spent the next week in the NICU showing all the nurses what a great fighter he is. On April 1st he was able to come home with us………and now the journey begins!

Orin David Shalom
Birth weight/height
5# 3 oz
18 inches

Submitted by Melanie T.

Chances of Pregnancy After Tubes Untied

Readers who are interested in having their tubes reversed are encouraged to visit the Tubal Reversal Blog to read other personal stories about successful pregnancies when tubes are untied. You can also see the chances of becoming pregnant after tubal reversal on our website and can call (919) 968-4656 for more information about reverse tubal ligation surgery.


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16 thoughts on “Tubes Untied and Tubes Reversed: Pregnancy After Reverse Tubal Ligation

  1. Dr. Monteith Post author

    Tubal reversal currently costs $5900 at our facility. In general about 2 out of 3 patients will become pregnant after reversal. The main risk of pregnancy tubal reversal is ectopic pregnancy and that happens to about 1 out of 10 pateints.

  2. deesiler

    how much does it cost to have a tubal reversal done? what are the chances that i can get pregnant after this procedure is done? what are the chances that something could go wrong during the pregnancy?

  3. Dr. Monteith Post author

    No one takes payments for tubal reversal surgery since it is considered an elective surgery. We do have a pre-payment plan. Please call (919)968-4656 for more information.

  4. tanganique

    Who takes payments to untie tubes i need my tubes untied im haveing problems with my tubes since i got them tied this been going on for 5 years to were i cant take it no more can you help me out

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