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Advice On Picking A Tubal Reversal Doctor

best tubal reversal surgeons are at chapel hill tubal reversal centerAre you considering tubal reversal surgery? Have you been wanting advice on how to pick the best tubal reversal doctor?

As a tubal surgery specialists who exclusively practices tubal reversal surgery at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center, I thought I would share my personal perspective as to what patients should consider when trying to pick the best tubal reversal surgeon.

Experienced Tubal Reversal Surgeon

Many doctors and facilities actively advertise tubal ligation reversal surgery. The reality is few of these doctors will frequently perform tubal reversal.

Often women will make an appointment with a doctor they found on the internet who advertises tubal reversal. Once they arrive they will frequently be talked out of tubal reversal surgery and into the more costlier treatment of in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Tubal reversal is often made to be more expensive when unnecessary test are required before tubal reversal (extensive blood tests, semen analysis, and HSG x-rays) and also when the reversal surgeries are done in a hospital.

Any patient who is considering tubal reversalĀ  should also ask the doctors how many tubal reversal surgeries do they perform a day, a week, a month, or a year? There is no absolute answer which will tell you which doctor will perform your surgery the best; however, there is a common understanding that the more surgeries a surgeon does then the better and more proficient they are at performing that surgery.

If the doctor does not answer you directly or gives you an answer you are not comfortable with then you should consider picking a different doctor!

Advice On Tubal Reversal: What Do Others Say?

best place for tubal reversal surgery is with dr bergerDoes the tubal reversal doctor you are considering have patient satisfaction messages, patient comments or patient testimonials to help support their claim of having performed successful tubal reversal surgery or do you have to just take their word for it?

Can you contact any of these patients for advice?

Any practice can provide one or two patient testimonials; however, potential patients should critically examine the frequency, number and times of these messages.

If they do have patient feedback then you should examine the dates on the messages and frequency of the feedback. Are they few and far between? Are they regular and constant? Are they tubal reversal babies or mostly IVF babies?

The more plentiful and frequent the messages are provides some support that the surgeon frequently performs tubal reversal surgery and does obtain some good results.

Tubal Reversal Success Rates

What is the surgeons tubal reversal success rate? Do they have an answer? Is the answer based on data they collect or is it based on general, historical medical understanding? Accurate and detailed statistics can be a measure of the attention a surgeon gives to their work.

Answers To Tubal Reversal Questions?

If you have questions about tubal reversal then how quickly and accurately do your questions get answered by the staff or the doctor? Often women interested in tubal reversal will find that it is very difficult to have their questions answered by the staff or surgeon when considering tubal reversal.

Many patients will also find it can be challenging to even contact the staff or doctor after the tubal reversal surgery has been done. We know because many of these patients find it easier to contact us with their questions!

Advice On Best Tubal Reversal Doctors

The best tubal reversal center is without a doubt Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center. Dr Berger and myself, Dr Monteith, each perform about 500 tubal reversal surgeries a year. By not performing IVF, we are dedicated to tubal surgery for reversal of tubal ligation and the repair of damaged or blocked fallopian tubes. We are not distracted by the needs of other types of patients.

Advice On Best Tubal Reversal Center

We maintain detailed tubal reversal statistics and tubal reversal pregnancy statistics.

Our reversal patients care enough to send us frequent messages about their pregnancies and they kindly provide permission for us to share these message with other women and couples considering tubal reversal. Any potential patient can read our Patient Satisfaction Messages and Pregnancy Testimonials.

dr berger and dr monteith are the best reversal surgeonsOur Tubal Reversal Message Board provides women with a place to share concerns and feelings about tubal reversal with women in similar situations.

Dr. Berger, myself and the Tubal Reversal Staff are readily available to answer concerns about tubal reversal both on the message board and by email.

If you go any other place will you have the same support system offered by our tubal reversal specialty center?

Submitted by Dr. Charles Monteith





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9 thoughts on “Advice On Picking A Tubal Reversal Doctor

  1. Dr. Berger

    Lynn – Yes, you can have a tubal reversal since pieces are always taken from both tubes (or they are both clipped, ringed, or burned). Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA.

  2. Dr. Berger

    Karen – I don’t know of any doctor in Canada who specializes in tubal ligation reversal. Your best option is to come to Chapel Hill, North Carolina to have your tubal clips removed at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center.

  3. karen

    After been a divorced and a single mom for 22 years, I have met my dream man and just got married April 2011. I have tubal clips on from 1992 and we have talked so much about having a baby and would really like to find a doctor in Canada to take off the clips – is there any or will we have to come to the us?

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