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Blocked Tubes: What Can Be Done?

Blocked tubes can be a common condition, which can have a significant impact upon many women and couples.

tubal blockage can be a common cause of infertilityHaving blocked tubes makes it more difficult to become pregnant.

When the tubes are blocked then the sperm and egg can not easily meet and pregnancy will never occur. Occasionally pregnancy will occur with partially blocked tubes but the fertilized egg will become trapped in the blockage as it tries to enter the uterus. This can result in an ectopic pregnancy.

There are two common reasons women develop blocked fallopian tubes and there are several advanced surgical procedures which can correct or reverse tubal blockage and allow a woman to become pregnant again.

How Do Tubes Get Blocked?

Tubes can become intentionally blocked after a tubal ligation procedure or tubes can become unintentionally blocked because of scar tissue.

The most common reason for tubal blockage is tubal ligation surgery.

Blocked Tubes After Surgery

When a patient request a tubal ligation procedure she is asking her doctor to intentionally block her tubes in the hopes that she will prevent future pregnancy. There are many different procedures to block fallopian tubes and once the tubes are blocked then future pregnancy will be very unlikely unless the blockage is surgically corrected.

Often women will regret having their tubes blocked and will want to have additional children. Thankfully tubal ligation reversal allows women the ability to surgically unblock blocked fallopian tubes.

The second most common reason for having blocked tubes is having tubal scar tissue.

Blocked Tubes After Tubal Scar Tissue

Fallopian tubes can become unintentionally blocked after a woman develops scar tissue inside the fallopian tubes or around the fallopian tubes.  Scar tissue can develop and block tubes after abdominal infections,  pelvic infections (PID), endometriosis, ectopic (tubal) pregnancies, and salpingitis isthmica nodosa (SIN).

Treatments For Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Fallopian tubes can be surgically unblocked with tubal surgery. The type of tubal surgery to unblock a tube depends on how the tubal blockage was caused and where along the tube the blockage occurs. The chance of pregnancy will be excellent for most women.

Tubal surgery can provide women with tubal blockage an alternative treatment to in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

Unblocking Fallopian Tubes

center for tubal surgery and repair of blocked fallopian tubesUnblocking fallopian tubes after a tubal ligation or from tubal scar tissue is the specialty at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center.

Dr. Gary Berger and Dr. Charles Monteith are tubal surgery specialist who exclusively perform tubal surgery most days of the week.

The next several articles will further explain how tubes become blocked, how tubal blockage is diagnosed, and the treatments available to correct blocked fallopian tubes.

The next article in this series is Reversing Blocked Tubes After Sterilization Procedures.

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156 thoughts on “Blocked Tubes: What Can Be Done?

  1. Dr. Monteith Post author

    We can certainly repair tubes blocked from scar tissue. Please give us a call at (919)968-4656 and we can answer any questions you may have.

  2. Sandra Escobales

    I have tubal blockage due to scar tissue after a kidney transplant. I would really like your help to be able to unblock them and be able to become pregnant. Please let me know how to go about to be able to meet with you so that we can talk about the procedure and get started as soon as possible. Thank You.

  3. Dr. Monteith Post author

    We should be able to help but we will need to see your records and we can provide you with more information. You will need to send us the report of the operation and any other records about your tubal blockage.

  4. Krys

    Hello I had laposcopy surgery June 2nd come to find out my right tube was blocked I really would like it unblocked can you help?

  5. Dr. Monteith Post author

    We can repair blocked tubes from scar tissue. Your chances of pregnancy depend on where the tube is blocked. You should send us your medical records and we can provide you with additional information. In general with tubal repair surgery the chances of pregnancy can be up to 60% and with IVF the chance of pregnancy is around 36% per attempt and each attempt is approximately $14,000.

  6. Melissa

    I have a daughter 24. My husband and I went to the doctor and was told that both my tubes were blocked and ivf would be a greater chance for pregnancy because his sperm count was very low. Now 40 years of age and remarried, I would love to have a child with my husband, went to the doctor and his sperm count is high very high and he’s 47. I guess my question is, can I get tubal reversal where as they clean or remove the scar tissue from PID or shall we just try invirto by it being 15 years ago. Please help! We really are trying before its too late…

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