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Does The Time Your Tubes Have Been Tied Matter?

does the time since a tubal make a difference?Does the time your tubes have been tied make a difference in your ability to get pregnant?

Most women will know the answer but not the exact reason why.

Many women who have their tubes tied will often regret this decision. Most of these women will not do anything about this regret and will continue on with their lives.  After time some will decide to have their tubes untied through tubal ligation reversal surgery.

The time since having your tubes tied can be very important and can affect the chances of getting pregnant after  tubal reversal.

Is The Length Of Time After Tubal Ligation Important?

Many women with tubal ligations will ask is the time since their tubal ligation important? The answer is yes; however,  not for the reasons they may think.

The length of time since the tubal ligation is important, but many women have the mistaken belief that the tubes will shrink, dissolve, or be damaged the longer they have been tied. This belief is mistaken. The fallopian tubes will often be perfectly healthy and will be in the exact same condition they were in after the healing from the tubal ligation surgery has taken place.

The length of time since the tubal ligation has no impact on the health of the fallopian tubes but with increasing age conception may be harder to obtain.

Time Between Tubal Ligation And Reversal

The time since having tied tubes can affect your chances of getting pregnant, but this is mostly due to the increased age of the women and the increased age of the eggs. With increasing age the ability to become pregnant does decrease. Many women mistakenly believe they have a low chance of getting pregnant after the age of 35.

The ability to become pregnant does decrease slightly after the age of 30 and there is a dramatic decline in fertility after the age of40.

The likelihood of pregnancy and infertility depend heavily on maternal age

Referring to the graph above. Fertility is very dependent upon the age of the woman. Prior to the age of 40, the likelihood of becoming pregnant is high, but after 40 the likelihood of pregnancy starts to decline more rapidly and the likelihood of infertility begins to rise more rapidly. After the age of 44, the likelihood of becoming pregnant is less than 5% and the likelihood of infertility is around 70%.

What Are My Chances Of Pregnancy After Tubal Reversal?

The tubal reversal doctors of Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center maintain extensive statistics on the chances of pregnancy after tubal ligation reversal. For most women the chances of pregnancy will be very good and comparable if not superior to in-vitro fertilization. Age does have a significant impact on the chances of pregnancy with tubal ligation reversal and also with in-vitro fertilization.

Between the age of 35-40, approximately 73% of patients who have tubal reversal surgery at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center will become pregnant. After the age of 40, approximately 30% of patients who have tubal ligation reversal will become pregnant. Most of these patients are between the ages of 40 and 43. After the age of 43 the chances are decreased.

Am I Too Old To Have Tubes Untied?

At Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center, we believe every patient has the ability to make their own decisions regarding their health and fertility. We would never deny a patient the ability to choose tubal ligation reversal solely based on her age. We believe if you are not having periods then you are not a candidate for tubal reversal. If menstruation is occurring then pregnancy is always possible.

We do want patients to know that time is very critical and the decision to have a tubal reversal should not be put off indefinitely.

does time since tubes tied matterIf you are considering a tubal ligation reversal and seriously want to become pregnant, then we do ask you to please not delay the decision for a long time. This is true with either tubal reversal surgery or with in-vitro fertilization.

Understandably, life can be complicated with many obstacles and hurdles, but if pregnancy is truly desired then we encourage you to pursue this effort at your earliest convenience.

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136 thoughts on “Does The Time Your Tubes Have Been Tied Matter?

  1. Dr. Monteith Post author

    The clamps will not come off. When you had the procedure it was with the intention the procedure would be permanent. The chance you can get pregnant from tubal ligation failure is less than 1%.Tubal reversal surgery is your best option to become pregnant.

  2. burnette benson

    Hello my name is burnette benson I had my tubes tied and clamp no burn or cut like 14 years ago in March of 2000 I want to get get pregnant but I don’t want to go through the process I had a c-section after my son was born they tied my tubes can my clamps come off or break after so many years

  3. Dr. Monteith Post author

    We have many patients who come to us for reversal of burned tubes. We can repair most of these tubal ligations. The chance of pregnancy success is approximately 66% after burned tubes are repaired. You can see success stories of others who have had reversal of burned tubes here: burned tube reversal success.

  4. Shaunda

    Hi my name is Shaunda I’m 26 years old and I had my tubes tied, cut, and burned after the birth of my daughter in 2009. I am now wanting to get them untied because first I want children but secondly because my fiance wants a child of his own. What are my chances of getting pregnant if they are burned? I’m thinking about having surgery the beginning of 2015 with you all. I just don’t want to get my hopes up for nothing.

  5. Dr. Monteith Post author

    The ability to become pregnant does decrease with age. After age 43 the chance of natural pregnancy is less than 10%. We should be able to reverse your tubal ligation and provide you with a chance of natural pregnancy.

  6. teresa

    Hi, I just turned 43 years old this month and had my tubes tied 22 years ago, is it possible for me to have the procedure done and get pregnant at my age?
    Thank you, Teresa

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