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Essure Reversal: Are You Crazy?

“Wanting an Essure reversal… are you crazy?”

This is the response Sara received when she asked her doctor about the possibility of a surgical reversal of Essure.

couple with essure reversal specialistSara and her husband Brian are newly married and desire to have a child together. They only have two problems: Brian has had a vasectomy and Sara has had an Essure sterilization procedure. Both of them know Essure reversal and vasectomy reversal are possible. Neither of them is crazy.

Together Sara and Brian have agreed to share their story for the benefit of our Tubal Reversal Blog readers.

Reversal Of Essure: Sara’s Story

Sara is 34 years of age and does not have any children. She decided to have an Essure sterilization procedure. Sara’s husband Brian has four children from a previous marriage. He had decided that he did not want any more children, and he had a vasectomy procedure. As luck would have it, they met each other shortly after their sterilization procedures and they both began to think differently.

Brian had it easy. He decided he was going to have a vasectomy reversal and he was easily able to find several urologist in his area who performed vasectomy reversals.

Sara had a harder time finding an Essure removal specialist.

Removal Of Essure: Are you crazy?

Sara asked her doctor about removal of Essure and reversal. Her doctor simply asked her, “Are you crazy?”

Her doctor then went on to explain that Essure was permanent and irreversible and that she should consider IVF.

Sara was not satisfied with that answer and she began to search online for more information about Essure removal and Essure reversal. She found several places that advertised Essure reversal; however, she kept returning to the website of Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center.

She and Brian both commented on how professional the website appeared and the detailed information and pregnancy statistics. They were also impressed by the specialization in tubal surgery and number of sterilization reversal surgeries that were done there.

Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center was the best choice for them.

Essure Removal After Vasectomy Reversal

Brian had a vasectomy reversal and he recovered quickly from this procedure. He then traveled with Sara to Chapel Hill for Essure removal and reversal.

essure coils after removalThe couple had a preoperative consultation with Dr. Monteith and an uncomplicated Essure removal and reversal procedure the next day.

Sara’s Essure reversal surgery was a success.

Both Essure coils were removed and her fallopian tubes were normal and had good length. Both tubes were reinserted into the uterus with an Essure bilateral tubotubal implantation procedure. Her Essure reversal surgery lasted 97 minutes. She went to the local hotel and was seen by one of our nurses the next day.

Essure And Pregnancy

Essure reversal and pregnancy are both possible. We previously reported on patients of ours who became pregnant after reversal of both an Essure and Adiana Reversal:

Essure Removal: Can Essure Be Reversed? Ask Michelle

First Successful Pregnancy After Adiana Reversal Procedure

Sara has only recently had her Essure reversal and Brian has to confirm his vasectomy reversal has been successful. The staff of Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center wish them well and we hope to hear of a pregnancy from the couple within the next 12 months.

For more information about Essure removal and Reversal Call (919) 968-4656 for a free Essure reversal consultation.

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9 thoughts on “Essure Reversal: Are You Crazy?

  1. Jamie

    Thank you for sharing. I was separated and divorced after 10 years in 2008. During the marriage I decided it wouldn’t be good to bring anymore children into the relationship.

    Since then, I have met a fabulous man who is previously unmarried with no children. We would like to have the opportunity in the next year or so to be able to try, and kind of feel hopeless. It is good to hear your story.

    With IVF, will they do it d/t the coils? I have read that the coils could potentially cause complications during a pregnancy?

    Thank you.

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  4. Chassidy S.

    I just came across your story. I wish you all the best of luck to you and your husband!! I anxiously await to hear of your “lit’ miracle” in the making following your Essure reversal!!!!

  5. Jeannie M

    I recently viewed a commercial for Essure and how it is a “permanent” procedure. Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center has proven that the Essure reversal is possible! Thank you to Sara and Brian for sharing their experience!

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