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Herbal Treatment For Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Do you have blocked tubes? Have you been desperately seeking an alternative treatment for blocked fallopian tubes?

can herbal treatments unblock fallopian tubesThousands of women suffer from infertility due to tubal blockage.

Many seek treatment for these blockages and simply desire to rid themselves of infertility and have a baby. Many will have success with traditional medical or surgical treatments for infertility.

Those who do not have success will often try non-traditional, alternative herbal treatments for blocked tubes but do these treatments really work?

Alternative Treatments For Infertility

I was recently contacted by a woman who had previously undergone a tubal ligation who wanted to know if she should spend $600 for an on line herbal treatment for tubal blockage. I advised her not to waste her money.

I continue to be amazed at what lengths people will go through when seeking an alternative treatment for infertility. Many will seek alternative fertility treatments despite lack of documented efficacy or safety in a desperate attempt to become pregnant.

Do Herbal Treatments Work For Infertility?

Do herbal treatments work for infertility? The answer to this question is likely no.

There is very little substantive medical evidence to show herbal treatments work to correct tubal blockage. Often times these treatments rely on personal testimony from happy women who have had x-rays that show correction of tubal blockage after herbal treatments are used.

There is a little known secret about these x-rays when it comes to diagnosing tubal blockage.

Can Herbal Treatments Unblock Tubes?

Hysterosalpingogram x-rays (HSGs) are notoriously inaccurate in diagnosing tubal blockage. Often the x-ray will be interpreted as the tube is closed when in reality it is very open. How does this happen?

will herbal treatments to flush tubes out?Fpr some women, HSG x-rays can be very uncomfortable from intense cramping due to the uterus contracting during a HSG test.

When the dye is injected into the uterine cavity the uterus, which is a muscle, will often contract and the tubal openings will close with the contractions.  When this happens dye will not go into the tubes and the x-ray will be interpreted as tubal blockage.

If this x-ray is subsequently repeated in the future, many of these patients may not have uterine contractions and the dye will easily be able to flow into the fallopian tubes.

Many women with an initial x-ray suggesting tubal blockage will be tempted to try these herbal treatments to unblock their tubes and their future x-rays may show open tubes. Many of these women will mistakenly attribute their open tubes to the success of the herbal treatment. The reality is the herbal treatment did nothing to unblock the tubes because the tubes were never blocked.

Herbs To Treat Tube Blockage

If a tube is really blocked then herbs will not treat the blockage. If a woman has had her tubes divided during surgery then only a surgical procedure will correct this blockage.

If I told readers I had an herb that would make their amputated leg grow back then how many would believe me? Probably not many. The few who did believe me and tried my herbal product would quickly dismiss me once they could see that their leg did not grow back.

Not being able to see internally what is going on is one of many reasons many are ‘taken’ with the concept of herbal treatments for the correction of tubal blockage.

Can Herbal Treatments Flush Tubes?

tubal surgery is better than herbs to unblock tubesHerbal treatments will not flush out your blocked tubes.

If you have blocked tubes and want to get pregnant there are currently only two viable options. In-vitro fertilization (IVF) or tubal surgery.

Herbal medications will not unblock your tubes.

If you are interested in having tubal surgery for the correction of fallopian tubal infertility then give the tubal surgery experts of Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center a call for a free telephone consultation for tubal surgery at (919) 968-4656.

Submitted by Dr. Charles Monteith



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