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Removing Essure: Essure Removal Or Essure Reversal?

Essure sterilization was approved for use in 2002. Since approval this method has been increasing in popularity because it is an easily performed sterilization procedure, is not considered major surgery, and is very effective at prevention of pregnancy.

essure coil after placementSterilization regret can effect as many as 1 out of every 5 women.

Although Essure regret has not been as extensively studied as regret has been for other forms of tubal ligation, there is no reason Essure sterilization regret should be any different from regret experienced after other forms of female sterilization.

Some women will regret their Essure procedure because of side effects experience after the Essure procedure and/or a renewed desire for a pregnancy.

Women who want to rid themselves of problems experienced after Essure will need to consider Essure removal and women who want to become pregnant will need to consider Essure reversal.

Essure Removal: Removing Essure Coils

Most women will be happy with their Essure procedure. Some will experience side effects after an Essure procedure and they and their health care providers will have to determine if the Essure is responsible for the side effects or are the side effects possibly due to some other condition.

Often other conditions can be diagnosed, but for some women there will not be a clear reason for the problems they have begun to experience. These women will be offered birth control and other medications and some will be encouraged to have hysterectomies.

These are the women who will often contact the tubal surgery specialists of Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal to inquire about Essure coil removal.

Can The Essure Be Removed?

The Essure coils can be removed during a one hour outpatient surgery at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center. If a patient only desires coil removal then the Essure coils can be removed in such a way such that a future pregnancy will not occur.

essure coils after removalIncreasing numbers of women requesting Essure coil removal are being seen at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center because of the side effects they have after Essure. Many will get better after the coils are removed.

Often the fee for simply removing the Essure coils is less than the fee for a complete Essure reversal.

Can Essure Be Reversed?

Some patients will desire a pregnancy after an Essure procedure and these are the women who will request an Essure reversal.

At Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center, the Essure is completely reversed during outpatient surgery utilizing a tubouterine implantation procedure. During this procedure, the Essure coils are removed and the remaining healthy tubes are then reinserted into a healthier portion of the uterus.

Tubouterine implantation is the procedure of choice for reversing Essure and the pregnancy rate can be as high a 50%.

Cost Of Reversing Essure vs Cost Of Essure Removal

The cost of reversing Essure can be found on the website of  Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center in the section labeled Costs.

Women who are interested in Essure coil removal are encouraged to call Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center at (919) 968-4656 to discuss the cost of removing the Essure coils.

The cost for Essure removal is significantly less than the cost of Essure reversal because of shorter operating time and also because a tubouterine implantation is not performed.

Problems After Essure

after essure reversal natural pregnancy is possibleIf you have had the Essure and are having problems or side effects then you should talk to your doctor and see if any other causes can be determined. If no other cause can be determined only then you should consider Essure coil removal or Essure  reversal.

If your goal is to rid yourself of possible side effects, not become pregnant, and avoid a hysterectomy then Essure removal would be worth considering.

If you desire future pregnancy then Essure reversal may be the best procedure to obtain your goals of future pregnancy.


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76 thoughts on “Removing Essure: Essure Removal Or Essure Reversal?

  1. TerRi Mills

    i would like to have my coils removed due to my having so much pain and my left hip hurting all the time I feel like an old lady

  2. Tara watson

    I got essure done in 2010 after having premature twins. My fiancé and I would like to try for another child. I am as well having severe back pain, nauseated all the time, pain in pelvic, abdominal area, very tired and so on. I recently went to my OBGYN and he basically said I was crazy but in a nice way and there is nothing wrong with me, he offered a hysterectomy, myrena, birth control to fix this. Ever since this procedure something haven’t been right with my body. Could you please send me some information. Thank you

  3. Katherine

    Please email me some information I have heard of the essure complications and I do not want to become pregnant like several women have after having the procedure.

  4. kerry

    I had essure in 2005 I was in my early 20s they didn’t ask if I was sure ect just did it, I really regret it had I would love to be a mum again could you please help

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