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Reversing Tubes Or IVF: Which Is Better?

tubal reversal surgery provides a good alternative to IVFIf you have had a tubal ligation and you would like to have more children you have three options:

reversing tubes
in-vitro fertilization

Most parents desire a child genetically similar to them.
In-vitro fertilization (IVF) or reversing a tubal ligation are the best choices to allow for genetically similar children.

Often couples will want to know which treatment is better: IVF or tubal ligation reversal?

The answer may surprise you…

Is IVF Better Than Tubal Reversal?

Is IVF better than tubal reversal? Each infertility treatment can provide the same end result; however, the treatments are vastly different from each other.

IVF is an infertility treatment where the woman receives hormonal medication to cause increased egg production. The mature eggs are harvested from the woman during an egg retrieval procedure. The eggs are then combined with the partner’s sperm and are allowed to fertilize and develop outside of the woman’s body. If the eggs are healthy enough then they are placed inside the woman’s uterus in the hope that they will attach and continue to grow.

Each IVF attempt is called a cycle. Each IVF cycle costs about $12,000 and each cycle is about 35% successful.

Is Reversing Tubes Better Than IVF?

Reversing tubes can be better than IVF for many women. Reversing tubes requires a surgical procedure to open and reconnect the blocked tubes. Once this occurs then pregnancy can occur naturally and more than once.

Tubal reversal at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center costs approximately $5,900 at the time of this publication. During a one hour outpatient operation the tubes are surgically rejoined. This reverses the blockage caused during the tubal ligation and allows for natural pregnancy. After tubal reversal a woman has a chance to become pregnant every month.

The average chance of becoming pregnant after tubal reversal at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center is approximately 70%.

Which Is Better Tubal Reversal Or IVF?

If you have had your tubes tied then tubal reversal can be a good choice to obtain your pregnancy goals. Why?

Reversal of tubes is more affordable than IVF and allows the chance to become pregnant naturally and each month.

IVF Advice And Tubal Reversal Advice

IVF is a better choice than tubal reversal if you have severely damaged fallopian tubes, if the male partner has severely abnormal sperm, and for some women over the age of 42. Tubal reversal is a better choice for women with a tubal ligation who do not have any other infertility issues.

ivf or tubal reversal: which is the better choiceMany patients will have conditions which make IVF a better choice; however, many of these women will still express an interest in tubal reversal surgery because they do not want to face the ethical challenges IVF may present, they do not have the financial resources to pursue multiple IVF cycles, or they do not want to use donor eggs.

Tubal reversal is often the better choice for those who want to undo the ‘permanent’ decision they made in the past and want to have a baby naturally.

Women who are interested in tubal reversal are encouraged to call the office of Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center at (919) 968-4656 for more information about reversing tubes.


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18 thoughts on “Reversing Tubes Or IVF: Which Is Better?

  1. Dr. Berger

    Tracy – It is possible for you to have your tied tubes reversed after 16 years. The cost is $5900 at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center where you will have the best chance for a successful pregnancy.

  2. tracy

    hi i had my tubes tied 16 years ago would it be possible to get them reversed and would i fall pregnant its just a want a baby so much and how much would it ost

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  4. Fallopian Tubes

    I had tubal reversal 3 years ago. I wish i had a better Dr. ( it wasn’t done at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center) I now have no baby and had test done a year after surgery. I have a hole in my tube(only have one tube) Looks like no baby for me unfortunately.Wasted $4,500.00 ! (discount cause born with one tube) Awful when no other fertility problems but the tube.
    I know someone who had done 3-4 rounds of IVF and no baby as well,and under 30 yrs old. I guess you never know.

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  6. Jan

    For women who have had a tubal ligation, the relative ease of tubal reversal surgery needs to be explored. IVF tends to get the most attention and is often suggested for pregnancy without the mention of tubal reversal surgery. This information needs more publicity.

  7. Annalees

    The expert tubal reversal surgeons at Chapel Hill TUbal Reversal Center give women hope of getting pregnant again after having their tubes untied. The fee is affordable and gives women a chance to conceive every cycle not just once like with IVF.

  8. Laura

    For most women, having a tubal reversal with the skilled surgeons at CHTRC is the best option for conceiving after a tubal ligation.

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