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Tubal Ligation Long Term Effects

Most women are not aware of the long term effects tubal ligation can have on their minds and bodies.

tubal ligation can have long term effectsOften the decision is made with the understanding the tubal ligation is irreversible and will only prevent them from being able to get pregnant again.

It is this permanent prevention of pregnancy and conception that is responsible for the most common long term effect of tubal ligation.

Although tubal ligations are meant to be permanent, these procedures can be reversed and the tubal ligation long term effects can be reversed as well.

Long Term Tubal Ligation Effects

The most common long term tubal ligation effect is deep regret over not being able to have additional children.

The largest medical study on the consequences of tubal ligation, U.S. Collaborative Review of Sterilization, revealed sterilization regret can be as common as 2 out of every 5 women who have their tubes tied!

The chance of regret is very dependent on the age of the women at the time her tubes were tied. Tubal regret was the highest among women under the age of 25 and was the lowest among women who had their tubes tied after the age of 30.

Problems With Tubal Ligation: Future Is Unpredictable

The main problem with a tubal ligation is that no person can predict the future. Often the decision to have a tubal ligation is made during a very stressful time in one’s life.

one effect of tubal ligation is regretThe birth of a child is a wonderful thing; however, when a young woman has had two or three within several years of each other, is in an abusive relationship, has recently separated or divorced, felt social pressure from family or medical staff not to have more children, or has suffered contraceptive failure then is is very tempting to opt for the securest form birth control that exists… having one’s tubes tied.

At a young age these problems can seem insurmountable and overwhelming.

As one becomes older and wiser with time, one’s life can often change for the better. This good future change is rarely predictable and often brings great promise: Mr. Wrong is replaced with Mr. Right, the tremendous societal stress is realized, the new relationship feels so right, and the desire to have another child begins to emerge.

Post Tubal Ligation Symptoms: Depression And Regret

Tubal regret is a common post tubal ligation symptom. For some this regret of having made a permanent decision can lead to depression and despair because as life changes and one’s situation markedly improves the desire to have more children will gradually emerge; however, the ability to do so will not unless serious decisions are made.

It is possible to have more children after tubes have been tied and the three options are: tubal ligation reversal, in-vitro fertilization, and adoption.

Some women will pursue adoption but many have a strong desire to have their own children. In-vitro fertilization or tubal reversal will be the most common choices for women. Tubal reversal allows excellent chances at pregnancy and, in addition, can offer women a path to reverse the guilt and regret they may have experienced after a tubal ligation procedure.

Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome

Some women will have tubal ligation symptoms and some may have Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome. Many women will report improvement after a tubal ligation reversal and especially if their symptoms developed within weeks to months of having their tubal ligation.

For more information about Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome we encourage women read our blog series: Pain After Tubes Tied: A Symptom Of Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome.

Tubal Reversal Success Rates

many have success with tubal reversalTubal reversal success rate can be very excellent for many women who have their tubes reversed. After having tubal reversal, many women will be able to find relief from the regret and guilt they may have experienced after tubal ligation. As they experience the new hope of being pregnant again, approximately 70% of these women on average will be able to realize their dreams of becoming pregnant again.

For more information about tubal reversal readers should visit the website of Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center or call (919) 968-4656 for more information about tubal reversal surgery.

Submitted by Dr. Charles Monteith


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36 thoughts on “Tubal Ligation Long Term Effects

  1. Dr. Monteith Post author

    We can offer you reversal if you would like to have your tubes put back together. Most doctors have good intentions when they recommend a tubal ligation for a thin uterus but most recent research shows that women with a thin uterus at time of csection do very well with future pregnancies….so tubal ligation is not really necessary if you have a thin uterus.

  2. matet

    I just had my ligation when i gave birth to my 3rd baby, my doctor said, she had to do it because my uterus is so thin just like a plastic baloon, its been 2 months since i had my cs and ligation but still thinking about the bad sideeffects of it, i am still stressed, what will i do to move on and accept the fact that i am now ligated

  3. Robin Bowling

    I had it done at age 35. I had two children and knew for sure I did not want anymore children. I am very happy with mine. It also gave me a added bonus I went thru menopause after mine. To me, to not have to go thru the monthly aggravation was the best thing ever. I am now a grandmother at age 50 and it is wonderful.

  4. Dr. Monteith Post author

    If you have a tubal reversal you can reverse that decision which has caused you so much guilt. Please give us a call if you have any question about reversing your tubes (919)968-4656.

  5. Mimi

    I had tubal ligation and was gung-ho happy and ready to have it when I delivered my 3rd baby at 26 years old. I’m 35 now, and I’d say after about 6months to a year after my youngest son was born, I’ve been feeling like I mutilated my body…almost like I amputated myself. I think about it every day…how I want a baby, but the pain of healing from tubal ligation, is not worth for me to go through again, and that is what hurts me the most…that “I CAN’T” reverse it…because of the fear of pain of healing after reversal. Today is Mother’s Day, I wish I was cradling a baby.

  6. Winnie

    I have been considering it but now I know better. I will never and will discourage others.

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