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Tubal Reversal Success Rate

Tubal reversal success and pregnancy can easily be obtained at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center when a women chooses one of the two best tubal reversal surgeons in America.

tubal reversal surgery can be very successfulDr. Berger created safe, affordable outpatient tubal reversal surgery and is responsible for more tubal reversal babies than any other physician in the world.

Dr. Monteith is closely following in his footsteps and has performed more tubal reversal surgeries than most other infertility specialist in the United States.

Reversal surgery performed by these two physicians will give women the best chance of having a baby through tubal reversal success.

Is Tubal Reversal Successful: Tubal Reversal Or IVF

Tubal reversal can be very successful. Approximately 3 out of 4 patients who have tubal reversal surgery at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center will experience a pregnancy. The average success rate of tubal reversal surgery is 66%.

The alternative treatment of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) is approximately 35% for each cycle of IVF.

When considering tubal reversal or IVF, tubal reversal can be very successful and  many women can experience tubal reversal success.

What Is The Success Rate Of Tubal Reversal?

Tubal reversal success depends on two main factors: type or tubal ligation and the age of the woman at the time of tubal reversal surgery.

The tubal reversal success rate can be as high as 80% for women who are under the age of 30 and also for women who have had tubal clip or tubal ring type tubal ligations.

The tubal reversal success can also be as high as 30-50% for women over the age of 40 or those who have had unknown types of tubal ligations. Even among women over the age of 40 or women with unknown types of tubal ligations approximately 1 out of 3 women will become pregnant.

More extensive information about the chances of tubal reversal success can be viewed on the website of the reversal center.

What It Means To Be The Best Tubal Reversal Doctor?

best reversal doctors providing the best chance of reversal successThe best tubal reversal doctors specialize in tubal surgery, maintain an extensive pregnancy database, and provide support to women thinking about tubal reversal surgery.

Both Dr. Berger and Dr. Monteith have a long list of patient comments about their services as the best tubal reversal doctors  who have given many couples a second chance at pregnancy success.

Most recently these tubal reversal doctors were featured in a regional health care magazine about North Carolina doctors and the featured article is: Berger Babies And Database Are Proof Tubes Can Be Untied.

Tubal Reversal Financing At The Best Reversal Clinic

Tubal reversal financing is not accepted by Dr. Berger and Dr. Monteith because they feel these are high interest predatory loans that take advantage of patients in need.

For more detailed information about other ways to receive a tubal reversal discount and to pay for tubal reversal surgery readers are encourage to read a previous tubal reversal blog entitled: Tubal Reversal Discount: Affordable Reversal Surgery.

Am I A Candidate For Tubal Reversal Surgery?

If you have ever wondered if you are a candidate for tubal reversal surgery then you should send the operative report of your tubal ligation to Dr. Berger and Dr. Monteith for review. You can also call (919) 968-4656 for a free Tubal Reversal Nurse Consultation.

Dr. Berger and Dr. Monteith specialize in providing hope to many women who feel they do not have hope. Many women will express the feelings of hope they have after their fertility is naturally restored and many women will realize this hope through the success of tubal reversal.

If you want to find out more about tubal reversal success rates and why Dr. Berger and Dr. Monteith are known as the best tubal reversal doctors then give them a call.

For more information visit: Tubal Reversal Success Rates.


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