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Tubal Reversals And Csections: Risks?

Many patients will contact  Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center and inquire about tubal reversal after they have had csections. The most common questions asked are:

Do csections make tubal reversal surgery more risky?

Can you have a tubal reversal if you have csections?

Can you get pregnant after tubal reversal when you have had a csesction?

Most readers will be reassured to know tubal reversal surgery is possible with a history of csections and most patients who have a reversal will be able to become pregnant; however, there are some important considerations to be aware of when considering a tubal reversal after you have had csections.

Tubal Reversal And C sections: Risks

If you have had a c section and tubal ligation you can most certainly be a candidate for tubal reversal surgery. Many of our patients have had c sections and most of these patients have had successful tubal reversal surgeries and pregnancies.

With multiple  c sections the risk of developing scar tissue will increase and this can increase the chance one or both tubes may not be easily found or repaired.

Tubal Reversal Risks With Csections

Csections can cause scarring of the uterus. In extreme cases, the uterus can be so scarred from a csection that as the uterus heals it can attach to the abdominal muscles. This is usually not a problem for a patient but it does make repeat csections, tubal reversal, or any pelvic surgery more risky. The chance of having scar tissue varies from person to person.

Severe scarring can be the result of multiple csections (three or more)  but many times scar tissue formation is unpredictable.

Reversing Tubes And C sections: Is it possible?

tubal reversal after csection is usually not a problemIt is very possible to have your tubes reversed if you have had a c section.

Many of our patients have had c sections and have successful tubal reversals. We have performed tubal reversal successfully on many women who have had four or more c sections. Several of our patients have had six or more c sections before their reversal!

We are able to repair at least one tube in 98% of the patients who have surgery at our reversal center. In 90% of our patients both tubes will be repaired.

Tubal Reversal And C-sections: Is Pregnancy Possible?

In general about 3 out of 4 women who have successful tubal reversal will become pregnant. The chance of getting pregnant after tubal reversal if you have had c-sections is the same as a woman who has not had a c-section.

This statistic is true even if a woman has had multiple c-sections.

Tubal Reversal Risks With C sections

The main risk of tubal reversal surgery when a woman has had a C section is the risk of having scar tissue from the C section which could make one or both tubes difficult to find or repair. This does not happen often but some patients will have severe scar tissue and safe tubal repair may not be possible. There is no way to predict who will or will not have scar tissue.

Successful Tubal Reversal With Csections

Tubal reversal can be very successful even if you have had a csection. If you would like a free tubal reversal consultation about the possibility of a tubal reversal with a history of csection then you should call (919) 968-4656 to speak with a tubal reversal nurse.

They will be able to answer most of your questions and can provide you with the peace of mind needed if you care considering tubal reversal surgery.



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23 thoughts on “Tubal Reversals And Csections: Risks?

  1. Dr. Monteith Post author

    This is a common variation during a tubal ligation. Often the doctor will burn the very very end of each cut tube. Often this causes minimal damage and it usually can be reversed.

  2. Cynthia Tylor

    It been 11 years since I had my tubal ligation, I had it doing my c section. I was told that the doctor burned the end of my tube. So will I beable to have them reverreversed?

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