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So Called “Facts” About Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery!

bad advice about tubal reversal existsI recently stumbled across a web article written by a respected IVF doctor proclaiming the ‘facts’ about tubal ligation reversal surgery.

When I read the list of facts I was appalled, to say the least, because they were not facts act all but instead heavily biased opinions laced with medical considerations. I could not believe what I was reading.

It amazed me that a respected medical professional could be so significantly biased against sterilization reversal. I found these biased opinions irritating.

I thought I would set the record straight on tubal reversal surgery.

Chances Of Pregnancy After Tubal Reversal

Often visitors to our website will inquire about their chances of pregnancy after tubal reversal. Many do not believe us when we say tubal reversal really does work and that pregnancy is possible.

We quote our Pregnancy Statistics and many have a hard time believing us…they think we are making it up! I often refer them to our Patient Satisfaction Messages, Patient Testimonials, and Tubal Reversal Facebook pictures.

A few seem to think it is too good to be true and think we must be making things up. Personally I can tell you it would require an extraordinary amount of effort on our part to fake the reality of tubal reversal success.

IVF Or Tubal Reversal?

Some patients will inform us their doctors advised them against tubal reversal and pushed them towards IVF (in-vitro fertilization). Many of these women went specifically for tubal reversal consultation after seeing it on the doctor’s website.

I always realized this occurred to some degree for many reasons; however, after I saw the recently published ‘facts’ about tubal reversal…my jaw just dropped to the floor. It is truly amazing what biased information some doctors provide their patients on certain topics.

Tubal Reversal ‘Facts’

I wanted to reproduce by paraphrasing the list of the so called ‘facts’ I saw on the IVF expert’s web publication and deal with them each in a separate, upcoming blog topic. Many of these are not facts but are really very biased opinions against tubal reversal:

1. Be wary of tubal reversal success rates
2. Tubal reversal is a major surgery requiring hospitalization
3. Tubal reversal is not paid for by insurance and no guarantee it will work
4. HSG X-ray is necessary 2 months after surgery
5. Other infertility factors need to be considered before tubal reversal
6. If tubes are repaired then the couple will not have reliable birth control
7. Thorough evaluation for other infertility factors must be done.
8. Age of reversal patient is important and after 35 age impacts pregnancy rates
9. When tubal reversal does not work then IVF will be necessary

In-Vitro Fertilization Or Reversing Tubes?

information about ivf can often be confusingIf you wanted more information about reversing tubes in comparison to in-vitro fertilization then you should follow this blog series.

The record about tubal reversal will be set straight by the doctors who have performed more successful tubal reversal surgeries than any other surgeons in the world.

Feel free to subscribe to this blog series and follow along as we provide the real facts about reversing tubes!

The next article discusses ‘tubal reversal fact # 1′ : Tubal Reversal Success: Fact Or Opinion?

Submitted by Dr. Charles Monteith




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15 thoughts on “So Called “Facts” About Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery!

  1. Chris

    In 2002, my EX-OBGYN, told me I needed to have a balloon ablation due to menorrhagia. (*it turned out I was hypothyroid and synthroid was the cure)
    Anyway, I agreed to have this done because I was unaware that he had NEVER given me a $20.00 thyroid test. (bloodwork) He also performed a tubal ligation at the same time. That makes no sense either. The ablation makes it impossible to ever get pregnant.

    The ablation “failed” as I started bleeding heavily again, 3 month later.

    I was reading “SELF” Magazine (for woman) and that is where I learned about thyroid issues and that many OBGYN’s are not catching the obvious symptoms that go with this. I took the article to a specialist that was going to be in the next surgery as they had now moved on to a ZAG LAZER procedure. They were unable to complete that procedure because my uterus was so scarred and it was over-shrunk from the (3) shots of LUPRON they had me get over a (3) week period.
    I sued the doctor and lost because he said that TUBAL LIGATIONS are NOT reversible, and so what if he scarred my uterus since I had gotten my tubes tied anyway. He did not seem to think it mattered. We agreed on the method he used to tie my tubes, as it would have been reversible, in the event I changed my mind. We spoke about this specifically!

    Bottom line. I was misled about the ablation that I DID NOT NEED, and he made it impossible for me to reverse the tubal ligation due to the ASHERMANS SYNDROME I was left with due to burning my uterus.

    GET A SECOND OPINION when it comes to your uterus. You only have the one, and please learn from my terrible experience.

  2. Michaela

    I had the tubal reversal operation in 2004 and immediately fell pregnant with my daughter then at the ripe old age of 41 I became pregnant with my son. It is possible to get pregnant after the op.

  3. Demetra Ross

    I want a child after having three children from previous realationships. Im really considering having the essure reversal done with the love of my life. This is just something I have to do.

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