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4 thoughts on “Symptoms After Tubal Ligation: Personal Stories

  1. Amy Kat

    Elaine I hope by now you have joined my support group and found some of the answers you have been searching for? If not you need to start searching within yourself if reversal is your answer or possibly tubal removal or hysterectomy (those are other options that other women on the boards have gone with for relief). Personally I believe reversal was the best option for me because I just wanted my body restored to what it was before. I was too scared to take anything out not knowing if it would make things worse. I had to take out a loan however to do that and for many women that is not an option. Suffering for decades until financially a reversal is an option is also not feasible either, hence the encouragement to research as there are risks to any surgical option and only you will know the answer to what is best for you. Here is a link to the support group and I wish you as well as any other women reading this all the best! Many prayers. https://www.facebook.com/groups/PostTubalLigationSyndromeisReal/

  2. Amy Kat Barnett

    Hi Elaine, I was one of the participants of the podcast as well as a former Filshie Clip patient. I was like you, scared when all tests kept saying everything was ok. With further research however I began learning what PTLS was and that so many other women’s stories could have read just as my own, still a skeptic I was unconvinced that a reversal would be the simple answer but had come to the point that I too could not cope any longer, I had to take the risk and try it. Dr. Monteith performed my reversal and I’m proud to say after the initial surgery pain I was able to tell the shooting pains caused from the clips were gone as was the back pain. He gave me my life back because as time went on all the other horrid symptoms that had came about since having my tubes tied via Filshie clips also disappeared! Here is a link to my personal blog as well as the above link on Chapel Hill’s site. I wish you all the best. I hope you find your day of peace and healing soon! http://ptlstuballigationpain.blogspot.com/2012/09/there-is-hope-and-cure-for-ptls-im.html

  3. Dr. Monteith Post author

    Many of our patients have had an experience similar to yours. When they come to our center for clip removal and reversal the vast majority of them will report improvement in their symptoms. I will email you information about tubal reversal at our center. We have had patients who have traveled to us from Scotland.


    i live in scotland and had my sterilisation with clips in april 2007,up til then had regular periods,felt healthy and normal period pain.since operation i have had more than half the symptoms listed for ptls and regulary seen docs,hosp for tests,tried medication and had biopsies. no sign of endometriosis etc,they are going round in circles and my hubby also feels fobbing me off. please can you offer some advice to help me i cant cope any longer.
    Regards,Elaine Conroy.

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