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Tubal Ligation Side Effects: Are Problems Possible?

ptls awareness is importantIf you have had a tubal ligation and are having side effects then you are not alone.

Tubal ligation is a common procedure. Most women who have a tubal ligation (their tubes tied) will not experience side effects. Some will have a tubal ligation procedure and will gradually begin to experience problems after their procedure.

Many have referred to their problems and side effects as Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome which is also known as PTLS.

Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome

Many have referred to the myriad of symptoms which can occur after a tubal ligation as Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome. The existence of this syndrome is highly controversial and refuted by most medical experts. We have published an extensive blog series describing the side effects reported by women after tubal ligation, the symptoms reported in tubal ligation syndrome, the controversy over PTLS syndrome, and the experiences of patients who have reported symptoms after tubal ligation.

Readers who want more information and have the time to read through the extensive series of articles can do so with the first article:

Pain After Having Tubes Tied: A Symptom of Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome?

After reading these series of articles you will have more information about the controversial nature of PTLS.

Side Effects Of Tubal Ligation

Many women will experience changes to their body after a tubal ligation; however, the vast majority of these women are really experiencing unnoticed changes that were gradually happening to their bodies before they had their tubes tied. The changes were not usually noticed either because they were pregnant, breastfeeding, or on hormonal birth control for the majority of the reproductive time before their tubal ligation.

is it possible to have ptlsWhen a woman is pregnant or when she is breastfeeding then she does not have a menstrual cycle nor any of the problems associated with her menstruation. When a woman is on hormonal birth control then often her bleeding and cramping are also under good control.

When a tubal ligation is done then pregnancy usually does not happen and hormonal birth control is stopped. Also during the childbirth years many women will have gradually gained weight which can also contribute to abnormal menstrual patterns.

Many women will then experience side effects that were previously unnoticed because they were masked by prior events. They often mistakenly contribute their symptoms to their tubal ligation procedure.

Often these side effects are not due to the tubal ligation but due to the masking of these abnormal symptoms which have been gradually developing unnoticed over the previous years.

Can You Have Side Effects From Tubal Ligation?

At Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center we exclusively specialize in tubal repair and tubal reversal surgery and we do see many women who have side effects caused exclusively by their tubal ligation. We commonly will see scar tissue formation and endometriosis of the fallopian tubes in many of our reversal patients who complain of problems after their tubes have been tied.

Endometriosis involving the fallopian tube is not common but we do see this uncommon condition with regularity in our tubal reversal practice.

Does PTLS Exist?

PTLS does exist for some women.

Most women do not have side effects from their tubal ligation and most women will not have PTLS; however, we do see some women who have all of the symptoms, no explainable cause, and they report marked improvement after tubal reversal.

Many of our patients do have unexplained tubal ligation side effects that get cannot be explained but improve after tubal reversal surgery.

Tubal Syndrome: Mark Your Calendars!

ptls internet radio show moderatorReaders are encouraged to listen to a special radio broadcast on PTLS which was recorded on November 7th 2012. The radio show was hosted by Roxanne Pugh and  is archived as PTLS With Dr. Charles Monteith, MD.

PTLS is being discussed. The medical controversy behind PTLS is explained and two PTLS patients also share their experiences with tubal ligation.

Readers are encouraged to visit the websites of these two PTLS patients: P.T.L.S. Facebook page and a personal blog series Fit To Be Un-Tied: My Journey With Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome.





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7 thoughts on “Tubal Ligation Side Effects: Are Problems Possible?

  1. Jan

    Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center is one of the “Lone Rangers” who recognize PTLS and address women’s concerns who suffer from it. Many are grateful for the listening ear and encouragement they receive from Dr. Berger and Dr. Monteith.

  2. Julia

    Dr. Berger and Dr. Monteith have seen thousands of tubal ligation patients and it has been interesting to see how many report unpleasant symptoms after having their tubes tied.

  3. Donna

    My calendar is marked. This will be helpful to so many women trying to understand what is going on with their bodies post tubal ligation. Thank you, Dr. Monteith.

  4. SallyM

    This is the information that women want. So good to hear that a radio show is devoting time to the important subject of PTLS.

  5. Meg

    Thank you for all you do in advocating for PTLS Dr. M!! I cannot thank you enough for giving me my life back, and giving me a platform to be able to speak out, and help other women know they are NOT alone, NOT crazy, and there IS hope!

  6. Susan

    This is something that so many women think they’re alone in dealing with. Thank you for the information.

  7. Amy Kat

    Can’t wait to be a part of the show and get the word out. Every woman that suffers with PTLS please tune in and please make sure to sign the petition to congress! Together we all can make a difference.

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