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Amazing Relief From PTLS After My Tubal Reversal Surgery

Dear Dr. Berger and Staff,

I just wanted to thank you once again for the wonderful experience that I had in your clinic. As you may recall, I had the reversal performed in hopes of decreasing my PTLS symptoms. I am happy to report that I began to have relief right away.

On day 3 post-op, my libido returned, which I thought was odd considering I had just had surgery! About a week later, my hair loss dramatically decreased. I was previously able to pull clumps of 4-5 hairs out at a time. This decreased to 0-2 hairs.

About 7 days post-op, my mental fog began to lift, as did the exhaustion. Although I had just had surgery the week before and was still healing, I already had more energy than I did previous to the surgery.

Unfortunately, the hair loss began again on post-op day 20, which was coincidentally the day I began progesterone-only birth control pills. I am also told that it could be an affect of having been anesthetized. I have stopped the pills after 3 days, and am hoping to see the hair loss stop once again.

What I am most satisfied with, is the affect that the surgery has had on my menstrual cycle. My last cycle previous to the surgery was 8 days long, fairly painful, exhausting, and a total loss of 15.5 oz. of blood. I also had dramatic mood swings. The first cycle after the surgery began on time (13 days post-op), was my previously normal 5 days long, not at all painful (slight pressure only), a blood loss of just under 6 oz., and with minimal mood swings. To be able to quantify results with actual measurements, rather than just my subjective statements, was absolute justification in my mind for having had the surgery. I am very pleased. I am hoping to find relief from my anemia that was diagnosed 4 months ago, and suspected to be the result of heavy periods.

I have now become very interested in why OB/GYNs continue to allow women to have tubal ligations, claiming no side effects, when I so obviously experienced the onset of mine with my tubal ligation, and now the beginning of relief that coincides with my reversal. I have read several research articles suggesting a relationship between progesterone and the transport within and/or function of the fallopian tube itself. With progesterone playing such a vital role in overall health, it is astonishing to believe that tubal ligations are still being performed given that the research is hinting that the ligations are so damaging, and are causing decreased quality of life and longevity in women. Certainly, the majority of PTLS symptoms mimic those of low progesterone as well.

I hate to oversimplify, but we have a wealth of animal experimentation already performed in our family pets. After spaying/neutering, pets often gain weight and get “lazy” (exhaustion!). The same experience happened to me after tubal ligation.

At any rate, I am so thankful that you all have the experience to help me restore my health. I have only positive things to say about your clinic, and I hope to refer other women to you for their restoration as well.

Thank you,

Christine D.
Reversal 12/13/2012

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5 thoughts on “Amazing Relief From PTLS After My Tubal Reversal Surgery

  1. Amy Kat

    Bless you Christine!
    It’s always wonderful to see another success story such as my own. I too had PTLS and felt it has been a travesty that doctors do not warn of the TRUE risks. Since my recovery I felt so strongly about making changes in women’s health that I have begun a career path of Registered Nursing in which I will focus on women’s health. I just wanted to let you know (if you don’t already) that I have a support group that would LOVE to have your inspirational story added to the “sisterhood”. There are unfortunately hundreds of women that suffer all over the world that never make the connection, and therefore never find out the true answers of what they were going through at that time in their life.I feel however as a nurse I will be in a unique position to help them. PTLS changed my life and the doctors at Chapel Hill not only helped to give it back to me but have supported all my educational projects because they understand this horrible syndrome. I would love for you to join in our efforts as well as anyone else that is interested in educating the world that this syndrome is real for those of us that are unlucky enough to be victims. Not all of us fit the “reasons” given in the past for why most doctors think PTLS exists (which at this time is suggested to be psychological not physiological). I hope with time, further support from the wonderful doctors sharing what they know, and women like you we can all make a difference in the future treatment/acceptance of PTLS as REAL.
    Here’s a link to my support group:

  2. Susan

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! PTLS is difficult to deal with and it’s great to hear your symptoms have been relieved.

  3. Jeannie M

    Another success story! Thank you for sharing your story and for giving others hope that their symptoms may be relieved!

  4. Gary S Berger MD

    Christine – Thank you for sharing this on our blog with others to read. What you have written has been described to me by hundred of other women. I think that many doctors would benefit by listening to their patients’ complaints and not being so quick to dismiss them. The medical profession still has much to learn about this issue, and paying attention to what each patient reports is part of that process.

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