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Tubal Ligation, PTLS, Reversal: Mediah’s Personal Journey

reversal-patient-with-her-sonThis is the second part of Mediah’s story about her personal story about tubal ligation, tubal ligation problems, PTLS, and her struggles to have tubal reversal surgery.

The first part of her story, A Personal Story About Tubal Ligation Problems, explains why she had a tubal ligation and how she came to the realization she regretted her previous decision to have her tubes tied.

Paying For Tubal Reversal

We decided we would do it with the tax money.

Well here was the thing, that is our break even money every year. I felt so selfish to even think of doing such a thing. Needless to say the prayers began again. My new prayer was “God, please give us more money this year.” Guess what He did!!!!!

God gave us 2,000 dollars more than last year but we made just as much money! Wow.

Losing Weight Before Reversing Tubes

I also forgot to mention that I had to lose 40 pounds also.

God and a lot of will power helped me achieve that goal. So needless to say up to this point it was a very long and emotionally bumpy road!!!! We filed our taxes in mid January but there was yet another issue, the tax hold. So we had to wait until the 30th. to actually file. We got our refund back on February 13th. I finally was able to schedule!!! That was one of the most exciting days of my life!!!! Well we were off and running.

reversal-family-before-tubal-ligationNow yet another dilemma! Who was going to watch my kids? Some of the ladies at church were able to watch them but not until the middle of March. And the boys would have to be separated. I asked The Lord to again provide…..He did!

I half jokingly asked my dad in Puerto Rico to fly over and watch the boys and after taking that to The Lord in prayer the next day my dad called me and said I am coming. When do you need me there? I made the appointment and told him when.

We booked the tickets that day and it was all going so smoothly. We then booked our flights which by the way I DETEST flying! Booked the hotel and transportation.

North Carolina Tubal Ligation Reversal

Whew finally I felt like I could breathe and the countdown was on… flying to North Carolina was one of the worst anxiety attacks I have had but by the grace of God we made it!

The Residence Inn hotel in Chapel Hill where tubal reversal patients stay was absolutely amazing and the staff was so eager to please and friendly! I was still obsessing about my weight and even got the scale from the exercise room and weighed myself. That was the thing I was scared would stop me after this long journey. Well I was under my BMI but still stressing. I decided the night before surgery that I was leaving my cares to The Lord. I prayed specifically that I would be at least ten pound under the BMI and that my tubes would be at least 8cm long. We went in the next day for the consult and surgery(it was a Monday).

I was more than ten pounds under, whew one down, one to go!

Tubal Reversal And C-sections: Dr Monteith Explains

We met with Dr. Monteith and he told me the risks because I had already had 3 c-sections, he said that there could be substantial scar tissue and that there could be damage to my tubes due to that. Well needless to say that scared me and my husband. So the next step was the ultrasound. Dr. Monteith said there was minimal scarring and that my uterus and ovaries looked perfect. The nurses and staff were so reassuring. I felt right at home.

Dr. Monteith was so friendly and really seemed to care. Being the child of a nurse I have seen plenty of doctors and I have not encountered but maybe a handful who actually cared about their patients. I did not feel like a number to him. We went into the surgery room after all of the pre-op procedures. Dr. Monteith came in and squeezed my hand which was very reassuring.

Long Tube Lengths After Reversal

PTLS-reversal-patient-and-husbandWhen I woke up I heard the best news ever…….

The Lord answered my prayer! My tubal lengths were 8.0cm. and 8.5cm. long!!!!!

The surgery went great, no side effects and here it is ten days later and the incision is almost faded away.

Thank you Dr. Monteith for your compassion and talent that the Good Lord had bestowed upon you!

God bless you and keep you! Romans 8:28 says….”And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

Sincerely and thankfully,

Mrs. Mediah G.


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2 thoughts on “Tubal Ligation, PTLS, Reversal: Mediah’s Personal Journey

  1. Amy Kat Barnett

    Thank you so much for sharing your story Mediah. I too am a Monteith PTLS success story and have dedicated my career to helping change future laws because of the life he gave me back. We would love to have you join our PTLS support groups on Facebook to share your words of encouragement to those whom await their day of healing. I hope ALL of your prayers are answered and again, thank you for your wonderful story.

  2. Donna

    Thanks for your story Mediah. Romans 8, one of my favorites also.

    Best wishes,

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