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Tubal Reversal And Miscarriage: Is There A Connection?

pregnancy miscarriage can be common after reversal

You have spent a lot of time thinking about tubal reversal.

You decided on Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center because of our specialization in tubal reversal. You had a reversal surgery and  you have been patiently waiting to become pregnant. Finally you get your positive pregnancy test!

With tears in your eyes you tell your partner and you gradually begin to have all the typical symptoms of early pregnancy. You share the news with your family and friends. You make an appointment to see your doctor.

Your joy begins to crumble when you have that first ultrasound. There is no heart beat and the doctor informs you the pregnancy will miscarry. After the words ‘miscarriage’ are uttered everything else becomes a blur and the numb feeling of despair overtakes you.

Unfortunately, many women will go through this experience as well as many tubal reversal patients. If you have had a tubal ligation reversal and then a pregnancy miscarriage then it is natural to ask if tubal reversal and miscarriage are related.

Miscarriage After Reversal

What is a miscarriage? The medical answer  is the loss of a pregnancy before 20 weeks gestation (5 months of pregnancy). The more simplified answer is a pregnancy miscarriage is the loss of any pregnancy you really wanted.

No matter what the answer the feelings of loss and despair can be profound for many women and couples.

How Common Is Miscarriage?

Pregnancy miscarriage is very common and is estimated to occur in 15-20% of all pregnancies (1 out of 5). The risk of miscarriage does increase with the age of the mother and the causes of miscarriage can be grouped into three major categories: maternal health, genetic, and lifestyle.

Causes Of Miscarriage

Severe chronic medical illness will increase the chance of miscarriage. A chronic illnesses is any medical illness which lasts for more than three months and requires continual supervision and treatment by a physician.

Common chronic illnesses that can increase the chance of miscarriage are  diabetes, thyroid disease, and lupus arthritis. Some patients may have underlying blood abnormalities which can cause recurrent miscarriage. Most miscarriages are not caused by medical illnesses.

Miscarriage Causes: Lifestyle

There are several lifestyle factors that can cause pregnancy miscarriage. The most common are cigarette smoking, heavy alcohol abuse, and use of recreational drugs. Typically women have to be heavy abusers of these substances to increase the risk of miscarriage.

Reasons For Miscarriage: Genetic

The most common reason for miscarriage are genetic abnormalities which occur in the pregnancy during or after conception.

genetic factors are the most common reason for miscarriageWhen a sperm finds an egg it contributes genetic instructions from the father. This information is combined with the genetic instructions of the mother. Once this occurs the egg will then begin to grow and divide. This information will be copied over and over again and each cell will have a complete set of instructions. This is an amazingly complicated process and if there are any errors then the pregnancy will stop growing and miscarry.

It is amazing miscarriages do not happen in more than 20% of pregnancies. To grasp how amazing it is that genetic accidents and miscarriage don’t happen more often you need to conceptualize what happens after fertilization.

What Are The Causes Of Miscarriage? An Easy Explanation

To understand how easy it is for genetic errors to happen we will provide this easy to understand illustration.

Imagine you are given a job. Your job is to sit in a room with a copy of the New Testament of the Bible. Someone brings you a copy of the Old Testament of the Bible. The New Testament (the mother) and the Old Testament (the father) are in perfect condition. Your job is to hand copy each version into a complete Bible.

Once you are done making a copy then the previous copy will be taken away from you. You then have to use your new handwritten copy to make another handwritten copy. Every time you make a copy the previous one will be taken away and you have 9 months to do this several billion times! If there are any major mistakes in any of your copies then you will lose your job (the pregnancy will miscarry).

This is what happens when cells grow and divide and this is why it is amazing pregnancy miscarriages do not happen more often.

IVF (Invitro) And Miscarriage

Don’t think because you have IVF that you will avoid the risk of miscarriage because miscarriage can also occur after in vitro treatments.

In our next article, Is Miscarriage Higher After Tubal Reversal?,  we will discuss the possible relationship between  tubal ligation reversal and pregnancy miscarriage.

Information About Miscarriage

For more information about pregnancy miscarriage readers should visit these authoritative websites:

ACOG Pamphlet Early Pregnancy Loss: Miscarriage and Molar Pregnancy

American Society For Reproductive Medicine: Recurrent Pregnancy Loss



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  1. Jan

    How amazing that more miscarriages don’t occur naturally. Thanks, Dr. Monteith for this explanation.

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