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When Is A Sperm Test Recommended Before Tubal Reversal?

sperm testing before tubal reversalA semen analysis is a good test to consider for some couples who are going to have tubal ligation reversal surgery. The test is easy, simple, and inexpensive. Your local doctor can order the semen analysis and the results available within several hours to days.

The purpose of our recommendation is to evaluate for the presence of male factor infertility, which could lead to difficulty conceiving after a tubal ligation reversal.

If you are considering tubal reversal then your partner will fall into one of several categories.

Should I Get A Semen Analysis?

Male partner with several children. The chance is less likely there is a problem with semen production in a man who has fathered several children. A semen analysis is not absolutely necessary in this scenario; however, sperm production problems can arise as an individual becomes older and a semen analysis will help to conclusively evaluate for this.  If the man has undergone treatment with chemotherapy or has used male anabolic steroids since fathering his children then a semen sample should strongly be considered.

Unless something significant has happened since his children were conceived then it would be very unusual for a man who has fathered several children to develop abnormalities which would interfere with sperm production.


Male partner with one child. In this situation, there is a chance of having subtle sperm production problems. This scenario has a higher chance of a low sperm count (oligospermia). Men with oligospermia will sometimes father children and these pregnancies can be few and sporadic.


Male partner with no children. This scenario has a much higher chance of having a sperm problems. There is a higher chance of having low sperm count (oligospermia) or no sperm (azospermia). Should azospermia exist then pregnancy will never be achieved naturally and donor sperm will have to be used to achieve pregnancy.

Men who are older and who have never fathered a child should strongly consider a sperm test before their partner undergoes tube reversing surgery.


Is Sperm Testing Necessary Before Sterilization Reversal

when should a semen test be doneWe do not require a sperm test before tubal reversal surgery because most men will have a normal semen analysis.

In general, we recommend  a semen analysis for our patients undergoing a tubal ligation reversal when the male partner has not previously fathered a child.


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4 thoughts on “When Is A Sperm Test Recommended Before Tubal Reversal?

  1. Ericka

    Although this testing is not required, every couple should consider all factors when trying to become pregnant after tubal reversal.

  2. Jan

    Thanks Dr. Monteith for the information regarding sperm analysis prior to tubal reversal surgery. This factor could easily be overlooked in the patients who are desiring pregnancy.

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