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Essure Side Effects: Pain, Itching, and Rash

Essure removal patient with her friendEssure can be a very good form of permanent birth control.

Most women who have the Essure coils inserted into their fallopian tubes will not have complications and will be perfectly happy with their decision. Some women will have temporary abnormal side effects that resolve and others will have side effects that continue to get worse over time.

One such patient was Christina. Christina is pictured to the left of Dr. Monteith and she was accompanied for surgery by her best friend, Cynthia, who is pictured to the right of Dr. Monteith.

Christina had the Essure procedure and then began to experience gradually worsening side effects that made her seek help.

Ultimately she made the personal decision to have her Essure coils removed.

Reasons For Essure

Christina is 39 years of age and she has three children. Her oldest child is 5 and her youngest two are 2 year-old twins. After having her twins Christina decided she did not want to have any more children and she chose to have the Essure procedure. This was a decision she would ultimately regret.

Christina underwent the Essure in her doctors office and two months after her procedure she started having abnormal Essure related side effects. Instead of getting better her symptoms got worse.

Pain After Essure

Christina gradually began to develop pelvic pain which increased over time. She then began to have body aches, rashes, and itching. These symptoms clearly started after her Essure procedure and there were no other obvious causes. She then decided to go for allergy testing and she tested positive for allergies to nickel and silver. She felt she was definitely having Essure related side-effects and symptoms.

Christina went to her doctor who said the coils could not be easily removed. Her doctor told her there was nothing she could do other than a hysterectomy!

Christina clearly did not want to have a hysterectomy. This is when she sought help from Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center.

Treatment For Essure Side Effects: Essure Removal

Christina knew what treatment she wanted for her Essure symptoms: she wanted Essure removal only and she was certain she did not want to become pregnant again.

small incision for essure removalChristina traveled to Chapel Hill, North Carolina and she brought her good friend Cynthia to be with her. Christina had her pre-operative consultation with Dr. Monteith and she provided a very convincing history of Essure related problems. Christina was very clear on when her symptoms started and when they became worse. Although her allergy testing provided evidence of her nickel and silver allergy, she does remember occasionally having skin rashes from certain pieces jewelry in her past.

Christina was intelligent enough to know a hysterectomy was way overkill for her problems. All she wanted was for her Essure coils to be removed.

Essure Removal Surgery

Christina’s surgery to remove her Essure coils went extremely well. The operative time was less than 45 minutes, the small incision over her pubic hair line was 1 and 3/4 inch long (actual incision pictured above), and the entire blood loss was less than 4 teaspoons.

Christina’s Essure coils were removed intact and her tubes were left with a slight separation to prevent future pregnancy as was her desire. Christina wanted other women to know:

“I probably will just be repeating all the wonderful amazing things you hear about Dr. Monteith and Chapel Hill Reversal Center, from start to finish, the staff was very friendly and helpful and this took the edge of stress and nervousness off my shoulders. I contacted Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal center and Dr. Monteith because, I found out I was allergic to my Essure coils. I had to have them removed as soon as possible. My local OBGYN was ready to perform the surgery but only had training to offer me a hysterectomy. I am only 39 years old. and this news was devastating to me. Upon research and many doctor appointments, that was the leading and only choice in the northern Virginia area. I made the decision to drive down 4 1/2 hours and have Dr. Monteith remove my Essure coils with out losing any of my uterus or fallopian tubes.

I am left intact and I can lead a normal life again. Thank you so much for offering this expertise to myself and others. you have changed the future of medicine and deserve an AWARD!!!!!”

Treatment For Essure Symptoms

Essure coils after surgical extraction.We recommend patients see their doctors if they are having side effects they believe may be related to Essure.

If no other causes can be determined then surgery to remove Essure may be helpful.

If patients don’t want to become pregnant and are having increased pain and cramps then we recommend Essure coil removal as the best treatment for these Essure symptoms.

If you think you are a person suffering from Essure related symptoms then please call our office at (919) 968-4656 for additional information.


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