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‘Untying’ tied tubes: A successful story of tubal ligation reversal   August 8th, 2008

Our first patient of the day came to us from New Jersey. Her last child was born 10 years ago and she had a tubal ligation five years after the birth of her last child.

Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center

She eventually met a new partner who did not have any children. Together they wanted to have a child. Our patient began researching tubal ligation reversal. She eventually found Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center on the Internet and decided to proceed with plans for a tubal ligation reversal.

Her partner was unable to attend the surgery because he had to stay behind and work, but our patient was able to travel with a close friend in attendance. Dr. Berger and I met both of them the morning of the surgery and we were able to explain the surgical procedure of tubal ligation reversal, the risks involved and the post procedure recovery. We answered all their questions and the patient went down for her surgery while her friend waited in the waiting room.

Her surgery went well. During the surgery we found both tubes had good lengths and were easily repairable. She had a successful bilateral tubal ligation and reversal. The incision was about three inches long and the blood loss was minimal. The surgery was without problems and we were quickly in the recovery room.

We discharged the patient with her friend to stay in town overnight. She was doing well the next day and went back to New Jersey to pursue her dream of giving her partner a child. We wish her well and we want her to keep in touch.