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Why Do People Get Their Tubes Reversed?

losing-a-child-is-painfulTara and Freddie are happily married. Tara is 33 years of age and she is a LPN. Freddie is 46 and he installs natural gas lines. Freddie and Tara have been married for 8 years and together they had a child, Deonte.

Tara had a healthy pregnancy and vaginal delivery. After the birth of Deonte, Tara had a ligation and resection type of tubal ligation.

Unfortunately Deonte died at the age of two and this tragedy is the reason they came to Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center to have tubal reversal surgery.

Tara and Freddie wanted to share their story for the benefit of others.


No One Can Predict The Future

Tara had a healthy pregnancy without complications. Her delivery was normal and uneventful. Her family was complete and all was well. This is why Tara decided to have a tubal ligation. She was at peace with her life.

Deonte did very well the first year of life. He had more than his share of illnesses but otherwise was fine.

When he was about 15 months he was learning how to walk. He seemed to overexert himself. He began crying, sweating, and then his eyes rolled back into his head and he died in Tara’s arms.

Deonte was ultimately diagnosed with a right sided heart defect which was present since birth. It was not detected until his death.

The tragedy of losing a child is beyond comprehension. No parent should see their child go before them.

No One Can Replace The Irreplaceable

tubal-reversal-can-never-replace-a-lost-childUnfortunately we see many parents who have lost a child.

None of them ever think they can replace the lost child but there is always an irresistible urge to try to have another child…to at least sooth the ache the heart feels.

They all know they cannot replace the absence but there is a natural, human desire to do so.

IVF or Tubal Reversal

Tara decided she did not want to do IVF. She had a friend who did IVF and was not successful after spending $20,000 for IVF treatments. Tara did not want the high dose hormones and frequent injections and visits to the doctor. She decided she wanted to put her tubes back together.

Tara said she came to Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center because of the website, because of the statistics on pregnancy after tubal reversal, but most importantly because of the stories of other patients and the support around tubal reversal.

This is why she decided to travel to our center and to also share her story for the benefit of others.

Can You Get Pregnant After A Tubal Reversal?

Tara’s surgery was a success. Her surgery lasted 40 minutes and the estimated blood loss was only 20 milliliters (4 teaspoons). Tara had a reversal of a ligation and resection (tied and cut) type of tubal ligation. Her fallopian tubes were each 6 cm after the reversal surgery and she reported a pregnancy 3 months after her reversal surgery.

If you ask Tara, ” Can you get pregnant after a tubal reversal surgery?”, her answer would be….”Yes!

We are happy tubal reversal worked for Tara and Freddy. We know a new baby will never replace a lost child but at least it seems like a step in the right direction.

The staff of Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center wish Tara, Freddy, Deonte, and the new baby well.




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  1. tara wise

    Thank you so much Chapel Hill this story touched us, I did end up having a etopic but we are not losing hope!!

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