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BigMama Wanting a Third--
While I haven't been to Chapel Hill YET (we leave today-our surgery is on Friday), I have been nothing but impressed with Dr. Berger's entire setup. His staff has been exceptional thus far. I researched various facilities before deciding on Dr. Berger and am very confident that he is the top choice. I spoke with my family physician, my ob, and several other friends of mine who are doctors in various fields regarding Dr. Berger. They were all impressed with how many tubal reversals he had performed, how far people have traveled to be a patient of his, and his outcome statistics. Julia's response hits on a big issue that I ran across--other places that I checked into were NOT exclusively focused on tubal reversal surgery, but infertility instead. Most places only do a couple of TR's a week (if that).
My husband and I were both comforted and impressed with all of Dr. Berger's credentials and have found nothing but praise for him no matter where we check.

Good Luck as you make your decision.
scrapngalore Hi Wanting a Third, don't beat yourself up for asking that; I wondered too. I live in Ohio and checked several places online and in Columbus, OH. Online was cheaper of course but Ohio State University hospital wanted almost $20,000 to do a TR. WOW! It really makes sense though, Dr. Berger does large amounts of reverse tubal surgeries so he has the surgery down to a T and you know what they say: " time is money". At least that is what we say in the hair business! I have not had my TR yet but have been impressed with the staff so far, very friendly and answer questions promptly. After lots of reading and talking on this message board my mind has been put at ease. I understand though how traveling to a doctor you have never seen or heard about can be a little disconcerting. Anyway, enough of my rambling...good luck with your decision! Bren
bexngeo Wanting a Third,

I, too, did a lot of research before chosing Dr. Berger. I am an ER nurse, one who is very picky about doctors and my and my family's health care. I did find some other doctor's that were comparably priced, in the $6000-$7000 range and some that were much higher. It does have to do with the setting of the surgery, outpatient being less expensive. I was impressed with the statistics available on the wesite, something I could not find for most other doctors, and those who did have stats were not as good. After reading the message board and hearing the positive experiences of others and all the pregnancy reports, I decided to fax my report. Jennifer called me back a few hours later and was so nice, answering all my questions. Everyone I have talked to there has been helpful and on the ball--something not common enough these days. I haven't had my surgery yet--13 days away still, but I think I've made the best choice--I'll let you know after!

Shannon Someone else is from Columbus, Ohio? So am I, and prices are CRAZY here!
waiting4myboy I chose Dr. Berger and my sister chose a local doctor that quoted one price, and then she was billed from the hospital, had operating room fees and an anesthesiology bill. Her total was approximately $20,000 and no BFP yet. I had 2 tr's and my cost wasn't anywhere near that. I would recommend Dr. Berger to anyone who asked me. I was in the hospital Tuesday and Wednesday, and every nurse that came in my room said they read my chart and wanted to know who did my TR. I proudly said Dr. Berger. Good luck on your decision.
Jen Love
Edd - 2-18-06
Lowiejean My doctor I have in NH, went to school in North Carolina and knew Dr. Berger and he highly recommended him.

Kristy Isett Before finding Dr. Berger's website, I of course did what most of you probably did - I checked with my regular OB/GYN to find out if he could refer me to a doctor who does tubal reversals. Well, my Dr. told me that there was a doctor in his office that did TR's and asked him to come and talk to me. Well, when this DR came to talk with me about the TR that I so badly wanted, said, "Well, I will do your TR, however I don't particularly like doing them." I thought NO WAY in !@#$ am I going to have a DR do my TR that "doesn't like to do them!"
Now, the cost of this TR by this DR was going to cost $4,000.00. After going to Dr. Berger and having the experience I had with him and his staff, I would have gladly paid 3 times the amount to have had him perform it.

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