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Read what patients say about us and why they come from across the US and abroad for tubal reversal by Dr. Berger.

Exceptional care

Our mission is to make your tubal reversal safe, comfortable, successful and to give you the best medical care you have ever experienced.

  • "You and your staff are some of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life, especially in the medical community. Not only did I have a successful surgery, but I am on the road to having that special addition to my family I have dreamt about for so many years. I can't say enough good things about you and all your nurses. I could never thank you enough either for this gift you have given me. I watch and listen to so many women who have the same dream as me, and have really gone through some rough times trying to have a baby. The support system from this website and you and your nurses being available to us practically at all times is a miracle in itself."   Karen M.
  • "Thank you for the excellent care that I received at your office! You have managed to raise the bar on patient care in meticulous detail. Every aspect of the potential patient need was addressed right down to the post-surgery care package so thoughtfully presented by the smiling faces at the Sheraton Hotel. I am overwhelmed with emotion as I re-live every moment of my travel to your office for my surgery. Every question and fear was quickly diminished as I walked through your open gates at 7:00 am. You were ready as well as your staff and the facilities could easily pass a white glove inspection.  If it's not abundantly clear, I am extremely picky and I am completely impressed with the standard of care provided at the Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center!"   Karen E .
  • "Kelli and I would like to thank you for all the help during Kelli's reversal in April. She is recovering well and looking forward to the possibilities of having a child together. You and your staff are simply the best. The personal care that is given by you and your staff goes above and beyond anything money can buy. We could not have felt at ease anymore than we did. Kudos to you all. Thanks Again!"   Michael and Kelli C.
  • "I am writing in appreciation of your kindness, professionalism, patience and attention since making my first contact with your clinic. I was delighted that the testimonials rang true when I experienced very little discomfort post surgery! Considering that I had previous surgery with significant discomfort ( ovarian cyst removed and a tubal ligation), I was amazed at how painless post surgery could be. Despite being given directions on pain relief, and being prescribed pain medication, I required none. I am still in awe of the whole experience. I made the right decision to travel to your clinic and receive what I believe to be a reversal by the finest surgeon in North America. Thank you, Dr. Berger, and thank you to all who support, nurture, assist in every way that you all do."    Petra E.
  • "As the time draws nearer for the arrival of our first TR baby I still thank you everyday for giving my husband and me this opportunity to have a child. I remember how exceptionally we were treated. Some friends of ours came to you after finding out we were pregnant. They also could not believe how wonderful you all are. Thank you for changing so many lives and for providing such a great place. You and your staff are truly wonderful people."   Deana F.
  • "As an RN for 23 years and a PACU nurse for 8 of those years, I can truthfully say that all free-standing surgical centers should use your center as a standard for care. I was extra appreciative of the care everyone gave me. I felt everyone there truly enjoyed their work, was knowledgable, caring, and willing to accommodate any need. Patients should feel confident in their healthcare provider and this facility and staff went way beyond that. Whether I conceive or not, this was absolutely a positive experience. If you ever want 'patients to speak to patients' about their experience, I would be glad to do that. "   Melony F.
  • "I cannot say enough positive things about you and the team of people that you work with. At every point during this journey, they have been there to answer questions and provide encouragement. Your center is wonderful, calm and relaxing. I felt completely at home upon arrival and I was sure that we had made the right choice by selecting you to do our reversal. You and the entire team at Chapel Hill are completely dedicated to the people that you provide care to."   Nikki W.
  • "My husband and I had a great experience with Dr. Berger and his team. We didn't have anything to worry about. When we arrived to our hotel we received a nice care package. This probably doesn't seem like a big deal, but in our business, when you go the extra mile for your clients they notice. The process from start to finish was incredible. We were kept on top of every thing by one of his highly qualified and professional staff members. Every department was top quality. This facility has top processes in place that made us feel very comfortable from the very first phone call. We couldn't have made a better decision than this. I highly recommend Dr. Berger and his team to anyone who is considering a tubal reversal. We would gladly be a reference for anyone who is in the process of having this procedure. It pays off to do your research."   Lupe D.
  • "My husband and I were so overwhelmed by the compassion and care you, your staff and the staff at the surgical center have shown us. I have never been treated so well by any doctor or medical staff before in my life."   Lisa A.
  • "Your amazing skill and your absolutely wonderful staff have assisted God in yet another miracle. So thank you, Dr. Berger, for giving me and so many other women hope."    Heather and Mike H.
  • "I know you deal with hundreds of families, but you made me feel like your only patient. Alanna is the newest member of our family thanks to God and You! You have been an awesome Doctor. Thank you a hundred times over."    Lisa and Ned LaM.
  • "You truly are a remarkable team. You have such a warm and caring atmosphere that your patients feel like you are "family." Thank you for loving your jobs -- it shows! "    Carrie and Allen B.
  • "We have had phone calls from people visiting your site and from people who heard about us around our area wanting to know more about what we thought. We can't tell them enough wonderful things about you and your staff. You are all just the best! I don't have to sell them on your work because it speaks for itself I think!!!! But I tell them about your bedside manner and that of your staff. I let them know how kind and reassuring everyone is and THAT is what really got me through the fear of surgery that I had. All of this has just been the biggest miracle we could ever ask for."   Heidi K.
  • "I have never seen the likes of your office staff. You have far exceeded any expectation that any person could have of any doctor's office. Courteous is an understatement. In this area you have not just succeeded, you are victorious! We women wait so long to see you and your service is so personal, that we end up emotionally attached and by the time we get there, we could have spent all day with you! I know at least I could have. Many Blessings to you."    Stephanie C.

The most experience

Dr. Berger performs 4 tubal reversals each day, 5 days a week. Having performed more than 7000 procedures, he has the most experience with this outpatient operation of any reproductive surgeon in the world.

  • "I have a long academic and career history in healthcare nationally and abroad. As a result, finding my tubal reversal doctor was something I took extremely seriously, as this would be my one and only chance for more children. I researched every doctor I could in the U.S. and some abroad for 9 months. I felt confident in Dr. Berger's education, residency, and post graduate training, years of experience, and present outcome measurements and decided to go with him for my TR. Dr. Berger is the best tubal reversal doctor. I have never regretted my decision."    Katharine A.
  • "I chose Dr. Berger because of his vast experience in the fertility field and microsurgery tubal reversal. I researched all fertility doctors nationwide and time and time again, my first choice was Dr. Berger."   Runora F.
  • "One year ago we flew to Chapel Hill for our tubal reversal performed by Dr. Berger.  Dr. Berger's bedside manner, exceptional concern and unsurpassed talent brought such ease to both of us.  Today is very special for two reasons:  The first anniversary of a successful tubal reversal and confirmation of pregnancy!"   Jim & Tammy F.

Low cost

The $5900 cost of tubal reversal performed by Dr. Berger represents the best value for this procedure by any tubal reversal doctor in the USA or abroad.

  • "You will not find a better doctor or a better staff to perform this procedure, not to mention that the procedure is about $10,000 less than you'll pay elsewhere. All I can say is ask for the video or talk to one of Dr. Berger's wonderful nurses. I think you'll be very impressed." Will and Angie B.
  • "Where we live the reversal is $12,000 to $15,000 and we couldn't afford that. But then we heard about Dr. Berger. So we prayed, and God just opened all the doors. Just 2 weeks after my tubal reversal, I was already pregnant. Nine months later we had a beautiful baby girl, Sarah Jane."    David and Sheila R.
  • "Prior to finding you, my husband and I spoke to many doctors who were very negative about the idea of having a tubal reversal. We were given high prices with low success rates. I was practically talked out of having the surgery. That is when we found Dr. Berger and Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center and the beginning of our dream come true."     Renee and Jack L.

Ongoing support

Our caring for you does not stop after you recover from your operation. We are available for on-going support and consultation to help you to become pregnant.

  • "When I started looking around for a doctor to assist us with a tubal reversal, you happened to appear on the CBS Early Show. I was very happy to hear that this was something I could afford. I also checked your background and found you to be an outstanding doctor. Upon arrival, your staff was very warm and comforting, and they made us feel right at home. Even to this day your staff is right there if I need them."   Stephanie and Marc K.
  • "After the surgery you just didn't forget about us. Your office kept in touch with us and has always been there for us when we had questions. A year to the day of my tubal reversal, our little Matthew arrived."   Julie and Chris M.
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