Pregnant With Cut, Tied And Burnt Tubes – Review #904

Right tube was 3.5 left was 5. We expected it to take several months and are surprised how quickly it happened. I was cut, tied and burnt and thought my chances weren’t to good.

I am so grateful for CHTRC staff and doctors to give us this chance to make our family complete.

Jessica S.
Nappanee, Indiana

Doctor who performed surgery: Dr. Monteith
Date of tubal reversal: 7/5/11
Date of positive pregnancy test: 8/18/11
Due Date: 4/26/12
Number of pregnancies since TR: first
Ligation method: Resection (tied or cut) and Coagulation (burnt)

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5 thoughts on “Pregnant With Cut, Tied And Burnt Tubes – Review #904

  1. april glaze

    i got tule cut burn and tried 4 year old got remarried and i want a other my new hubby never had kid he would to but we have no down right down if u can down payment plan we would like that

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