Tubal Clamps Removed: Second Pregnancy Since Clamp Removal – Review #899

This is my second pregnancy since my reversal! I’m am truly blessed that I found Dr. Monteith and Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center! Thank you!

Michelle B.
Rochester, New York

Doctor who performed surgery: Dr. Monteith
Date of tubal reversal: 02/05/2009
Date of positive pregnancy test: 06/21/2011
Due Date: 02/28/2012
Number of pregnancies since TR: 2
Outcome of previous pregnancies: Healthy baby girl
Ligation method: Tubal clips (clamps)

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8 thoughts on “Tubal Clamps Removed: Second Pregnancy Since Clamp Removal – Review #899

  1. Dr. Monteith

    Tubal clips are excellent for reversing and provide you with a high chance at pregnancy. The entire charge for tubal clip reversal is $5900.

  2. Dr. Monteith

    With tubal reversal of tubal clips and age less than 30 you would have an excellent chance of success with tubal reversal. Please call us for more information.

  3. Heather Markle

    I have 2 kids now but am wanting to have my clamps removed to have another baby or 2 what can I do and cost I’m only 26

  4. Jamie Twigg

    Im looking to have my clamps removed so that i can have another baby i live in florida and dont know how to go about it bc i need to find what it cost and so on so can u please help thanks

  5. Dr. Berger

    Rebecca Wright – Clamps are the same as clips, and tubal clips give the best pregnancy rates after tubal reversal. Tubal reversal is more effective and less expensive than IVF. I have forwarded your comment to Stephanie Duncan, RN – the Tubal Reversal Nurse on call this weekend at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center – so she can contact you. If you have questions at any time, you can contact a tubal reversal nurse at (919) 968-4656 weekdays or (919) 656-9861 on weekends.

  6. rebecca wright

    me and my husband have been married 6 yrs and before we were married i had clamps put on my tubes now my children choose to live with their dad ans my new husand doesn’t have any children ,we would like to have 1 or 2 one at a time or togather please contact us for a tubal reversal and a ivf

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