Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome

What Patients Have Said About PTLS

Post tubal ligation syndrome (PTLS) is a term used to describe a variety of post tubal ligation side effects or symptoms. These include increased menstrual bleeding and cramps as well as other symptoms attributed to changes in hormone levels. One possible mechanism suggested as a cause of these symptoms is disruption of the normal blood between the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and uterus.

Whether post tubal syndrome is a real entity has been a controversy in the medical literature for decades. Numerous studies have reported conflicting conclusions about whether these symptoms are more common among women who have had a tubal ligation than among women who have not had a tubal ligation.

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Author Topic: Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome.
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I had my TL in Jan 1996. Since then my periods are two days really heavy then it stops for two days and finally spots for another three. I have bad mood swings two weeks before and had to take Sarafem. My sex drive was non existant for a while but that could of been because of the situation I was in then. I started having these symptoms about 6 mths after my TL and they got worse as time went on. My doctor told me it was my age and my hormones weren't back to normal yet. I am glad that I am not alone in this because my doctor made me feel like I was crazy.
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I've already received encouragement from reading the answers to the original ladies post. This is what I'm here for. I had my TL in July of 99 and had no idea about side effects until my periods went down to 3 days in length with a painful heavy first day and two weeks of pms each month.
I started doing research on PTS and cried while I read the list of symptoms, I have so many of them.
It's affected my entire life negatively. I am on an emotional roller coaster for over half the month it seems and have problems sleeping, headaches etc. etc. etc... Frown
But, I do have a few positive things to keep me going! Big Grin I ended up marrying my child hood love, my soul-mate, and together we are raising my two children from my first marriage. We would love to share that special connection with each other and give the kids a baby brother or sister,but if it doesn't happen, we will still be happy with what we've got! The main reason I want the TR now is because I'm desperate to alleviate if not totally banish, the awful side effects from the TL. I understand it's not a guarantee but, after reading that many have been restored back to normal, I'm very hopeful. Smile
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I'm speechless! this is soo true! If i could warn every mother who is looking for some form of birth control, if they know they don't want any more children or think they don't . I want to scream at them do not do a TL!! and I actually talked a complete stranger at the grocery store out of having one and she's going to make her husband go!! wahoo..I too have long periods more painful and am very moody at times, however my Dr. says its age and body changing which i believe some of it is, but not all of it...Why don't they warn us of this!!
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Hey Ladies, I too have had the symptoms after TL. Such as, heavy bleeding, painful ovulation, depression and shocking pains in ovary. I never knew any of this before my TL. So hopefully some day i`ll get my TR. At least I know I was not imagining these symptoms. I`ll be back. Take care everyone, LyndaPhyrn eek
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