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Essure Removal - How to Remove Essure

For those women who are seeking to have their Essure coils removed or reversed the journey may have been a long one. All too many times a woman will regret having the Essure procedure due to wanting fertility restored or from side effects due to the coils.

Women will usually go to the doctor who performed the Essure procedure and inquire about reversal or removal. The answer given is usually that the coils cannot be removed. If a patient pushes to have the Essure coils removed they are told the only way to do this is by having a hysterectomy.

For those women who regret the decision and want the Essure reversed the news of having a hysterectomy can be earth shattering. They feel that they have made a terrible mistake that cannot be reversed.

For those who have found this page hope is certainly returned. A woman does not need a hysterectomy to have the Essure reversed. Essure removal is also known as Essure reversal. The Essure coils can be removed and fertility can be restored. For those choosing the removal to stop Essure side effects this is also possible without having fertility restored. There is still no need to worry about an unplanned pregnancy because of Essure removal.

Successfully Removing Essure Coils

Dr. Berger and Dr. Monteith have been successfully reversing the Essure procedure. The surgery itself takes about 90 minutes and it performed as an outpatient procedure. For those seeking to have fertility restored a procedure known as tubouterine implantation is used. Using this procedure the Essure coils and scar tissue are removed from the uterus and fallopian tubes. The healthy portions of fallopian tubes are then reattached to new openings in the uterus.

For those seeking Essure removal due to side effects associated with pain and bleeding the Essure coils are completely removed but the fallopian tubes are not reattached to the uterus. Without the fallopian tubes being attached to the uterus pregnancy cannot occur. This means the couple does not have to worry about another form of birth control.

Due to the delicate nature of removing the coils and scar tissue from the fallopian tubes it is important to choose a surgeon with experience. Both Dr. Berger and Dr. Monteith have performed the Essure reversal numerous times. Patients have successfully conceived and given birth following the Essure removal and reversal at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center.

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