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Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome and its symptoms are frequent topics of discussion among members of the Tubal Reversal Message Board. This topic of the messages below is about the variety of post TL symptoms and the relief after tubal reversal surgery experienced by some message board members. The order of the messages is from newest to oldest reading down from the top of the page.

"One year after my tubal reversal I am testing hormonally normal again and have been off hormones for 2 months. No testosterone, progesterone or estrogen. Thank you all so much. The reversal has made my life normal again and I cannot thank you enough. Please feel free to let other women who have post tubal ligation syndrome know that this can help if not cure their problems."   Lisa Helton

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I hope you are as blessed as I have been. The very first cycle we noticed the absence of my rioting mood swings, and no migraine to indicate I was getting ready to start. My periods have gradually shortened from the 8-9 days down to 3 sometimes 4 days and I have very little to no cramping. After having been through PTLS the occasional cramps don't really slow me down. Good Luck to you!
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I feel you and I are the same person. I just had my TR on 12.27.04. I am hoping that it gets better after a few AF's. My first AF has lasted 6 days today. So for it has been better then before the tr.
Good luck to you all.
Lisa 37
TR 12.27.04
R 5
L 4
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Hi Ladies,
I suffered with PTLS for 10 years and it was pure hell. I did eventually find a doctor who believed the PTLS and told me the only thing she could do was medicate me to make me more comfortable. I had migraines, heavy and long menstrual flow with cramps so bad all I wanted to do was stay in a fetal position with a heating pad. Nausea, bloating, horrible mood swings, no sex drive, etc. The very first month after the TR surgery we noticed a significant difference. Within four cycles all PMS and PTLS symptoms were completely gone, my sex drive has returned to normal and I have had excellent health since the surgery. My family and I will be forever grateful to Dr. Berger for giving me my quality of life back. It's been almost three years since the reversal and we thank Dr. Berger each month for making me healthy again. Good Luck to you and I hope the TR surgery will be a success and return your health to you.
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Steph, I'm with you, I got the cyclic headaches from my first period after TL in 92, right up through AF the week before TR, since then, not a single headache! They were just awful, it'd hit the day before AF started, and not end till she left, and nothing, NOTHING would ease them!

My periods were lasting 7-9 days heavy flow after TL, and now, only two days heavy and 2/3 days spotting, and only light cramping. Its amazing!

The only thing changed for the worst? is that now I get sore bbs where I didn't have them before. That's OK though. Definitely worth the sore chest to get rid of everything else.
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My favorite part of having the TR, besides the chance to give DH a child, is the fact that I don't get migraine headaches with AF anymore. I have gotten a migraine every month for the last 7 years, but after TR, not a single one!!! I have been hospitalized for the migraine pain, put on morphine, told I was imagining it, tried every rx in the world. Nothing helped. I have had CAT scans, eye exams, neurological workups, you name it. I have lost a job due to the migraines (nobody believes you when you have one). I think the TR was worth every penny I spent to get rid of the migraines.

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