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Tubal Ligation Syndrome, also called Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome (PTLS) or Post Tubal Syndrome (PTS), refer to a variety of symptoms that are first reported after a tubal ligation and are therefore attributed to the operation. Common symptoms include increased menstrual pain, bleeding, and premenstrual tension. Whether or not these symptoms are caused by the tubal ligation has been debated for decades in the medical literature, with some studies supporting and others disputing such causation. Despite the disparity of opinions among doctors, the postings by many women on the Tubal Reversal Message Board describe their experiences and belief in the existence of PTLS as well as their desire for doctors and insurance companies to more widely recognize this as a true medical syndrome.

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Author Topic: Considering Reversal due to post-tubal symptoms
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I did some research on this site and found a testimonial from a lady that has had her TR for over 2 years now. Hope this helps with the long term question? "I had a tr two years ago and can tell you that my PTLS symptoms totally disappeared after the TR. My very first period after the TR was noticeably better. I would say it took about three months for me to be totally symptom free. I suffered for ten years and the past two years have been terrific. Having the TR was the best decision I have ever made and worth every penny. Good Luck to you and I truly hope you will be able to find the same relief that I did. M Watson"
Member # 4993
There is a place that your input could help. I joined a place called www.tubal.org . They are advocates to create laws to better inform women of the side effects of TL's. This site is packed full of studies and information and ways that you can actively help the "cause." They send me updates and let me know when a letter from me is needed or a petition needs to be signed by me. I feel like I am part of a group of voices that together is One Loud Voice.
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I keep hearing the same thing from all of us who have had a TL we regret it and so many of us did in the first place because of past relationships, I agree no woman should make the choice to have her TL when she has babies at home.. I was 19 with 2 babies both under the age of 2.. abusive husband and a family that just wouldn't shut up about me getting a TL done.. so i did it just to shut them up. I too cried on my way to OR..and then had all these horrible feelings afterward. Now with my soul mate of a man we have been talking about having a TR done for 2 years now..we both would love a baby more than anything... but even if we don't just to feel normal again will be a blessing. My TR is booked for July 29th. It was hard coming up with the money (I am in canada and it costs around 3000.00) I don't understand it..here in canada a TL is covered by our health care but a TR is not.. Women we need to do what I am doing .. every woman i talk to with children who are talking about TL i tell them my story and all my hateful feelings..what gets me really going..is my ex didn't want anymore children i really wish that i would have made him go..get done .. I am stuck with this bill and he is walking around still able to have children..boy life can be unfair. Knowledge really is the answer and doctors who do TL really need to inform us of these problems .. I want to know why there hasn't been any studies yet? I have had my tubes done for 11 years now..so those who have had there tubes done for a long time and are thinking about having a TR I will let you know in a couple of weeks how she goes.
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