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How does one decide on the best doctor for tubal reversal surgery? Here are some thoughts from members of the Tubal Reversal Message Board. As on the Message Board, the order of the messages is from newest to oldest reading down from the top of the page.

Author Topic: Comparing doctors who perform tubal reversal surgery
I was reading through these posts and just had to put my two cents in. The doctor that everyone is talking about is only about 3 hrs from my home. I had actually consulted with him for tubal reversal, but chose not to let him do it. (Actually, I would not let that man near my tubes w/a ten foot pole.) I then waited three years, found Dr. Berger and drove 6 hours to N.C. from Kentucky to let Dr. Berger, who I believe to be the best, perform my surgery. It always pays to research doctors and find one you are completely comfortable with.
That is totally the tone I got from his site, like he was just putting down every other way that wasn't his way.

I like Dr. Berger's site, his credentials are incredible, and stats were a math class that I actually liked in college. I cannot wait to meet Dr. Berger, and get my TR underway, now just pray the money comes in.......

Kem Petet
No problem, girl... I saw his website, too and compared the two. And the more I read, the more I realized that comparing them was NOT a good idea - BECAUSE their methods are different.

I will say this... the one thing i didn't like about the other doctor's website was the "bashing tone" I got from it. It was as if he were insulting other professionals who do this same surgery. I didn't like that.

The main thing that I remembered was another thing my midwife told me. Basically she said that even if my doctor didn't look at me like a human, which he did... even if he didn't, though... he certainly looks at me like a number. And statistics are IMPORTANT. A doctor is NOT going to perform surgery on a patient who is NOT a good candidate - it won't make THEM look good. So that being said, even if Dr. Berger doesn't care about us as individuals (and just read the posts - we all know he DOES care), he certainly cares about his reputation and statistics, and I don't believe he would put his rep on the line by performing a paticular type of surgery that isn't successful.


Ain't it all enough to make your head go VVVVRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!?

**hugs** Kem
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