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Author Topic: Comparing doctors' techniques of tubal reversal microsurgery
Kem Petet
I will not speak as to the creditials of the other doctor - but allow me to say this:

When I had my tubes tied, I'd researched and was dead set on having the clips put in, versus burning or cutting, etc. When I approached my midwife about it, this is basically what she said... "A surgeon who specializes in one type of procedure should not be asked to perform a different type. What I'm explaining is that your doctor is trained to perform the bilateral pomeroy. Asking him to use clips when his specialty is something else is not a good idea. I would go with the doctor you feel most comfortable with, and allow him to do the procedure with which he feels most comfortable."

That being said, what works for the other doctor works for him. He may be trained specifically to perform surgery in HIS way - with or without a stint. Dr. Berger has been trained to use one - and I would find it hard to believe that his using a stint would create a problem - or he wouldn't have the success rate he has. He was trained using the stint, has had much success using the stint, therefore he uses the stint.

I have a gastrointestinal doctor. When he performed my surgery, the only type he did was open. He did not do laparoscopic. To ask him to perform lap surgery on me when he's trained SPECIFICALLY to do open, well.... it's a bad idea.

It doesn't mean that one way of doing surgery is better or worse than another way. It just means that this particular surgeon has had better success doing it HIS way.

Also - I have seen Dr. Berger's video. I have watched him delicately pull the muscles and skin to the side so that he doesn't cause as much trauma to the muscles. THIS MATTERS after surgery. How many women have seen a C-section? HOW GENTLE WERE THEY WHEN THEY PULLED THE SKIN TO THE SIDE, USED RETRACTORS AND DUG FOR THE UTERUS AND PULLED THE BABY OUT? I've seen more gentle births by a giraffe!!! LOL (and for those of you who don't know, giraffes give birth standing up - and their baby literally FALLS out of them onto the ground!) I'd rather have someone's gentle hands pulling than I would have a metal object bearing down on my body.

As far as sanitary - I **believe** someone else posted about that and an RN replied (if i recall correctly) that Dr. Berger has NEVER had a patient develop an infection/complication due to unsanitary-ness (for lack of better words).

Well, these are just my opinions about what you said. And again - the other doctor may be very competent, as is (I believe) Dr. Berger. The type of surgery, the method of surgery a physician chooses to perform should never be compared to another. If this doctor's method of surgery were exactly like Dr. Berger's, then you could certainly compare their success rates and statistics. But seeing as they perform two TOTALLY different types of surgery, which ultimately create the same thing (complete tubes), in my humble opinion, COMPARING THEM IS EXACTLY LIKE COMPARING "apples to oranges".

I hope I helped - I certainly feel like I'm rambling... *sigh* lol

xoxo Kem
Gary S Berger MD
Our web site page tubal reversal microsurgery issues addresses these questions. Other doctors may have there own opinions, but our pregnancy statistics and pregnancy testimonials show the results of the surgical techniques that I believe are best.

It is one thing to make claims, and another to provide objective data that supports them. At Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center, years of effort have resulted in the development of a comprehensive and ongoing patient database that allow us to analyze and report the results of what we do.
I was looking online for tubal reversal information and i found another doctor's website, that had some advice of what "not" to do in the process of a tubal reversal..
He states that microscopic lenses rather than a microscope is not good enough for the tubal. He also says that a stent could damage the tubes and should not be used to see if the tube is open. He said that a free standing clinic is not as good as a hospital, that not using "self retaining retractors" is bad... has anyone else heard of this and is there any truth to what he is saying?? He claims to be the first to do a microscopic tubal reversal.
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