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Follow these 10 simple rules to maintain posting privileges on the Tubal Reversal Message Board.

  1. Stay on topic. This board is for discussing issues related to tubal ligation reversal. It is not a general chat room. If you want to post messages about IVF, adoption, general news, recipes, or other issues not directly related to tubal reversal, use other message boards or forums that are for these topics.

  2. DON'T TYPE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. It makes other members' messages seem less important than your own.

  3. Use descriptive message headers. For example, "Question About HCG Results" is more informative than "Nurse, Doctor - Help" to identify the subject of your message thread.

  4. Do not post the same message in multiple topics and/or in multiple forums. This is confusing and makes it impossible for others to respond in a sequential fashion.

  5. Do not use the board to communicate personal information to staff or to request a response from an individual staff member. Use email or the telephone for these purposes.

  6. Do not include personally identifying information. Your real name, email address, or telephone number may be used for unethical purposes by others who scan the internet for such information.

  7. Do not include names or comments about other doctors or links to other sites. We cannot be responsible to verify the accuracy of information or reputation of other doctors or web sites.

  8. Do not solicit funds or post links to so-called funding sites. The latter often turn out to be scams.

  9. Do not "flame". Be respectful of others' opinions even if you disagree with them.

  10. Do not be argumentative or use profane language. The board is for discussion, and while there may be differences of opinions, hostile comments are not appropriate.

What to Expect After Tubal Ligation Reversal

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