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I had my tubal ligation after my 4th C-section and experienced some of the same symptoms. Anemia, heavy and long periods, mood swings, etc. To be quite honest (I have not had my tubal reversal yet) I have seen about 50/50 on the board where some women it helped them tremendously with the symptoms and some it gave them symptoms. So, I guess it is in God's hands.

I think that anything different than what I go through now monthly would be an improvement.... Also, I know many many women who ended up with a hysterectomy not long after their tubal ligation. I am in that category and my OB/GYN wants to do one yesterday. However, I am not going to agree and am hoping for the tubal reversal real soon. Then we will see what happens and what God has in store for me next...

Good luck,

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Hi! I had my tubal ligation in May of 1998 too! I just had my tubal reversal on July 28,2003. For the 5 years my tubes were apart I did have sharp cramps, was very tired all the time, mood swings like crazy etc... I NEVER had any of these symptom before my tubal ligation! Now that I have had my tubal reversal it is all gone! I am back to what I was! I feel sooooo much better and I am very happy to have the chance again to make a baby! I am not stressing about getting pregnant (that will get you no where fast)! We are giving it our best each month and when we are blessed is when we are blessed! I would love nothing more then to see ++++++ this month but, if not, there are many more months to come! All the best to you!

Take care,
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I don't think it would.I had a tubal reversal July01 then had a miscarriage Aug01. It's been 2 yrs since got pregnant and I cry and am depressed because not I'm not pregnant yet. Don't get me wrong - I wouldn't change a thing but it wouldn't help with depression. Because when my dd's and dh aren't around I cry a few good tears,last night I cried alot to.

I hope this helps. Maybe your wanting a tubal reversal to have a baby? Kids grow up and you wish they would stay little and are loning for a new baby. I love little babies toom but I won't give up hope when gods ready until then I guess I'll wait.
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I had a tubal ligation in May of 1998 when I had my 3rd c-section. I was never informed of the possible side effects from a tubal ligation. For the past 5 years, I have suffered from severe mood swings, depression, painful and heavy periods, weight gain, etc. After researching tubal ligation, I found that many women experience this. Would having a tubal reversal help this? I'm desperate!!! I don't want to be put on antidepressants for this.

I've had doctors try to tell me that I am bi-polar! That is ridiculous. No one seems to understand this either. Please help me! If you have any ideas please tell me!
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