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I did post to this but, I wanted to add that I was NOT on the pill for 5 years before my TL. So, I really don't think that had anything to do with how I felt durring the time of TL to TR. Also, I was only 28 when I had the TL and 33 when I had my TR so, I don't think that it can be chalked up to age either. Dr's don't know everything and I think a lot of them take advantage of us and only are seeing $$$$$ signs. They want to do TL's, it's big money! I know I was talked into it at a VERY bad time. My son was only 13 days old and I just hemmoraged, that Dr DID take advantage of me.

Anyway, I feel 1000% better now! Thanks to Dr Berger!!!
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I had my TL in September, 1990. I, too, suffer from terrible PMS, mood swings (ask my DH) and heavy and painful periods, all worse since my TL. I've never heard of a connection to the TL until I started reading these boards. It can't be just coincidence. And, I never took the pill because of high blood pressure. So for me, it can't be because the pill controlled those symptoms until stopping them after TL. I also would love to hear from other women who have experienced these same things. About your doctors - they are always too quick to discount your symptoms when they don't have an answer that goes with medical mainstream.

They often say that it's all in your head, or that symptoms aren't real. I say, listen to your body. You know it best.

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Most of the OB/GYN doctors will tell you that your TL did not cause these symptoms that you are having. That is what they told me and others that I know. For some reason they don't want to accept that there could be a link here. One thing my OB/GYN told me was that a lot of women blame things on their TL because they had been on birth control pills for years before which kept their periods lighter, less cramps and helped mood swings. This may be true, however I was not on BC for six years before my tubal and I know that surgery specifically caused some of my symptoms. I can't wait to have TR done just to prove them wrong.

Also, I don't understand why insurance will not pay for TR especially on women who are going through heck with their periods, anemia, etc. since they had TL. It seems to be it would be in their benefit to pay for TR instead of more procedures or management down the road...Anyway, good luck to you.

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I really appreciate all of the replys that I received. I even tried to call my OB/GYN and she told me that all the symptoms that I was having was NOT related to the TL. Then what is it related to? I do NOT want to be on anti-depressants, I just want to feel like I use to. I go to church and have a relationship with God. So, I truly believe that all of this moodiness is related to the TL. I have an appointment with a fertility specialist on Wed to have a test done to see where my tubes are and what was done with them. Then we will go from there.

Again, thanks for the replies! Wish luck to all of you!

God Bless, Susan
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I have not posted on this board in a long time. But I had to respond to your concerns. I had my TL after my fourth child was born and experienced awful side effects that I feel were directly caused by the TL.

After my TR in November of 2002 my symptoms dissapeared. I mean within the month I was "cured". Do not give up hope because it may just be the answer you're looking for. I wish you luck.

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I had my TL after my 4th C-section and experienced some of the same symptoms. Anemia, heavy and long periods, mood swings, etc. To be quite honest (I have not had TR yet) I have seen about 50/50 on the board where some women it helped them tremendously with the symptoms and some it gave them symptoms. So, I guess it is in God's hands.

I think that anything different than what I go through now monthly would be an improvement.... Also, I know many many women who ended up with a hysterectomy not long after TL. I am in that category and my OB/GYN wants to do one yesterday. However, I am not going to agree and am hoping for the TR real soon. Then we will see what happens and what God has in store for me next...

Good luck,

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