Tubaligation and Tubalreversal

Or Tuballigation and Tuballigationreversal

Tubaligation and tubalreversal are misspellings for tubal ligation and tubal ligation reversal, but all the information you want is on the tubal reversal website.

Tubaligation and tubalreversal are the misspelled terms most frequently used as search queries when people are seeking information about tubal ligation and tubal ligation reversal. Other common misspellings for these terms include tubal litigation, tubaligation reversal, tubal litigation reversal,tubligation, tube ligation, tubel ligation, tuble ligation, tubiligation, reverse tubaligation, and tubiligation reversal and are among the top 50 keyword phrases that have been entered by visitors to the tubal reversal website.

Tubal ligation is defined as a method of female sterilization in which the fallopian tubes are surgically tied or ligated. The common broader meaning encompasses a wide variety of female sterilization procedures that block the fallopian tubes thus preventing fertilization. The conventional medical opinion is that tubal ligation is permanent, although in fact, fertility can be restored in most cases by reversing the procedure through tubotubal anastomosis or tubouterine implantation.

Some of the most commonly used tubal sterilization methods are described and illustrated in the tubal ligation illustrations section of our website. These various procedures have been categorized as tubal ligation and resection, tubal occlusion, and tubal coagulation, and fimbriectomy. Some doctors use combinations of these different techniques of female sterilization.

Tubal ligation misspelled

A large amount of information about tubal ligation and tubal reversal can be found on the internet, but the information being retrieved is often limited because of misspelled words or phrases presented to the search engines. In actual usage, these are the most frequent misspellings of the term tubal ligation by visitors to the tubal reversal website:

  • tubaligation
  • tuballigation
  • tubeligation
  • tubal litigation
  • tubligation
  • tub ligation
  • tubligation
  • tubiligation
  • tubel ligation
  • tuble ligation

Tubal reversal and tubal ligation reversal misspelled

The most frequent variations or misspellings of the phrases tubal reversal and tubal ligation reversal used by visitors to our website are:

  • reverse tubal ligation
  • tubalreversal
  • tuballigationreversal
  • tubaligation reversal
  • tubiligation reversal
  • reverse tubaligation
  • reverse tub ligation
  • reverse tubligation
  • tub ligation reversal
  • tubel reversal
  • tuble reversal
  • tubligation reversal

How search results can be improved

The breadth and usefulness of search results would be improved if the major search engines were able to recognize the following as synonymous with tubal ligation: tubaligation, tuballigation, tubeligation, tubal litigation, tubligation, and tubiligation. And these words and phrases should ideally produce search results for tubal reversal or tubal ligation reversal: reverse tubal ligation, tubalreversal, tuballigationreversal, tubaligation reversal, tubiligation reversal, and reverse tubaligation.

The Google search engine provides alternative spellings to misspelled words and phrases by asking "Did you mean ______?". For example, when the term tubeligation is typed into the Google search box, the following message is displayed in addition to a list of search results: "Did you mean tubaligation?" However, when the search term tubaligation is used, it does not present the option of choosing the correct spelling and provides search results based on the misspelled word. When the term tubalreversal is entered in Google's search box, the message displayed is "Did you mean tubal reversal?" This correct option gives the viewer the opportunity to find more authoritative articles about their subject of interest.

In comparison with Google, the on-line dictionary at www.dictionary.com provides more alternative choices for misspelled words although not necessarily more accurate choices than those given by Google. For example, a search using the term "tubaligation" at this site results in the following message:

No entry found for tuballigation. Did you mean tubal ligation?


  • tub alligation
  • tub-alligation
  • tubal ligation
  • tubal-ligation
  • subligation
  • tubulization
  • tubulation
  • obligation

In addition to these options, dictionary.com provides a link to the ten most popular sites based on the misspelled word "tuballigation".

It would be helpful if all of the major search engines could recognize misspelled words and phrases and offer the correct terms as options for searching the internet. Then people who used misspelled search terms such as tuballigation or tuballigation reversal would be presented with search results most likely to provide the information they are looking for about tubal ligation and tubal ligation reversal.

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