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Tubal Reversal Specials: Two Nights Luxury Hotel Included!

tubal-reversal-deals-with-dr-monteithA Personal Choice is offering tubal reversal specials to all patients who have their surgery in January or February of 2017!

Patients having surgery will have their two-night luxury hotel stay included in the cost of their tubal reversal surgery!

These tubal reversal specials were offered last year. They were so popular Dr. Monteith is offering these deals for a second time! We like to refer to this as our New Years and Valentine’s Day deals!

If you are a member of our Tubal Reversal Prepayment plan you may be eligible for additional tubal reversal specials through the year.

New Years and Valentine’s Day specials: How do they work?

A Personal Choice currently offers patients very affordable tubal reversal or vasectomy reversal surgeries.

offering-tubal-reversal-specials-2017Our surgeries just became even more affordable because with these deals we will include your hotel stay into the total price of your surgery.

More information: Hyatt House Raleigh

The Hyatt House provides patients with a luxury experience. The hotel is within walking distance to many great restaurants, shops, and even provide private car service to Dr. Monteith’s office.

Although the including the hotel stay is a great deal, Dr. Monteith offers patients even greater specials to his patients when they have surgery at his specialty center in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Two great tubal reversal specials offered by Dr. Monteith

Dr. Monteith offers patients two very unique specials throughout the year. These deals are not offered by many other tubal reversal doctors:

Tubal Reversal Prepayment Accounts. If you are serious about having tubal reversal and are willing to commit to having your surgery with Dr. Monteith then start a tubal reversal prepayment account. You have three (3) years to pay off your account, are eligible for discounted rates when available, and your surgery fee is locked in at the time you start your account (if the surgery fee increases then your fee will not increase).

great-tubal-reversal-deal-raleigh-ncSurgery refunds for no repair. Dr. Monteith is the only reversal doctor who offers a refund of the surgical fee fallopian tubes cannot be repaired.

If patients choose to have the optional screening laparoscopy procedure and their tubes cannot be repaired then Dr. Monteith will provide patients a refund of their tubal reversal surgical fee.

Important Disclaimers about New Years/ Valentine’s Day hotel offer

  • Only for a standard sized room and other expenses are are not included
  • Private car service to Dr. Monteith’s center is included
  • Offer only good for the Hyatt House North Hills hotel
  • Only for surgeries completed in the months of January and February 2017

Call (919)977-5050 for more information about this discount or scheduling reversal surgery.

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