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Tied And Cut Tubes: Tying Tubes Explained   July 3rd, 2013

Ligation means to ‘tie’ and resection means to ‘cut’. Ligation and resection is by far the most common way to perform a tubal ligation procedure.

Tubes are never just tied to prevent pregnancy.Many people mistakenly believe when a tube is tied with a suture that if the suture comes undone or if the suture is removed then the tube will be normal and natural pregnancy can happen. Unfortunately this is incorrect and reversing tied and cut tubes is not as simple as just removing the suture.

The sutures are placed to prevent bleeding. The the tube is then cut and a segment is removed. The suture eventually dissolves and the tubal ends will be both separated and closed.

Ligation and resection tubal ligations are most often performed during a c-searean delivery or soon after a vaginal delivery.

There are many variations to this type of tubal ligation and these procedures are named after the doctor who first described the procedure: Parkland, Pomeroy, Irving, and Uchida.

Although there are differences in these procedures they all involve similar steps: tying the tube to prevent bleeding and cutting a portion of the tube to further reduce the risk of tubal ligation failure.

In our experience, all of these methods can usually be reversed and the chance of becoming pregnant after reversal of any of these methods is approximately 60 to 70%. Continue reading