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Chances Of Pregnancy After Essure Reversal
2017 Essure Reversal Pregnancy Statistics

The chances of pregnancy after Essure reversal are better than most would predict.

An internal analysis of over 350 Essure removal surgeries performed by Dr. Charles Monteith demonstrates the chances of pregnancy after reversing Essure can be comparable to IVF.

Dr. Monteith is the world’s leading Essure reversal specialist. He published the first surgical case reports on successful hysteroscopic sterilization reversal.

In 2014, Dr. Monteith published a study a larger study on the success of Essure reversal surgery: 2014 cohort study on chances of pregnancy after Essure reversal

In 2017, Dr. Monteith updated his Essure pregnancy statistics to include two years of additional Essure reversal statistics. Essure reversal offers an alternative to IVF.

Most people (including infertility experts) believe Essure sterilization cannot be reversed.
The experiences of Dr. Monteith’s patients would suggest many of these infertility experts are wrong: Essure is reversible and natural pregnancy is possible.

Essure reversal vs Essure removal: What is the difference?

Dr-Monteith-reversing-EssureFrom January 2009 to January 3rd 2017, Dr. Monteith performed 350 surgeries to either remove or reverse Essure.

Essure removal is a surgical procedure for women who are having symptoms after Essure but do not want to become pregnant.
Essure reversal is a surgical procedure to help women who want their Essure devices removed and also want to become pregnant naturally.

From January 2009 to January 3rd 2017, Dr. Monteith performed 282 Essure reversal surgeries to restore natural fertility.

Dr. Monteith’s Essure reversal technique involves removing the Essure devices intact with surrounding scar tissue by using an ‘en bloc dissection’. After the devices are removed, the remaining healthy fallopian tubes are re-inserted into the uterine cavity. This is called a tubouterine implantation procedure.

Dr. Monteith believes tubouterine implantation provides the best chances of pregnancy after Essure is removed.

Many doctors reverse Essure by simply removing the devices from the fallopian tubes (often by pulling on the devices which increases the chance of device fragmentation) and rejoining the tubal segments. Simply removing the devices and rejoining the tube is not likely to result in pregnancy. The tubes are too damaged from scar tissue in the area were the Essure devices were located.


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From January 2009 to January 3rd 2017, Dr. Monteith performed 282 Essure reversal surgeries and 89 of these patients reported becoming pregnant without IVF.

  • Overall chance of pregnancy after Essure reversal was 32% among all Essure reversal patients over the 8 year observation period.
  •  In women who had at least 12 months or more to become pregnant the chance of pregnancy was 36%.

Could chances of pregnancy after Essure reversal be higher?

It is possible the chance of pregnancy is higher than 36%.

Many patients were included who were 42 years of age or older at the time of reversal. Some patients may have had other causes of infertility (male or female factors). Pregnancy statistics are based on patient self-reporting pregnancy and some patients don’t report pregnancy for privacy reasons. As a result the chances of pregnancy after Essure reversal may be higher than 36%.

Tubouterine implantation is the historical gold standard for surgical reversal of proximal tubal occlusion (blockage where the Essure device is located). Historical studies on tubouterine implantation have suggested the chance of pregnancy could be as high as 60%.

Essure reversal statistics: Other important information

  • Age range of women who successfully became pregnant after Essure reversal: 25 to 44
  • Number of births reported by patients: 1 to 3 births
  • Ectopic pregnancies reported 3 (3% of total pregnancies reported)
  • Uterine rupture(s) reported 1 (1% of total pregnancies reported)
Baby Royce Essure reversal baby

Essure Reversal Baby

With the above statistics women can be assured their best chances of natural pregnancy after Essure reversal are with Dr. Monteith of A Personal Choice.

As of 2017 no other doctor has published data on successful Essure reversal, has performed as many Essure removal surgeries, or has as many Essure reversal babies as does Dr. Monteith.

As a result of Dr. Monteith’s experience, Essure reversal is safe, can restore natural fertility, and can provide results comparable to in-vitro fertilization (IVF) in some women.

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