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Vasectomy Reversal Scheduling


4 Simple steps to schedule surgery!

Step 1. Complete Vasectomy Reversal Surgery Scheduling Questionnaire and pay scheduling fee.

Step 2. Complete scheduling/health phone interview. Complete lab work (if required).

Step 3. Electronically return signed surgery documents.

Step 4. Send full payment.

Surgery dates cannot be confirmed until results of lab tests (if required) have been evaluated, electronically signed documents have been returned, and full payment has been received.

Always call our office if you have any questions before, during, or after scheduling.

Important surgery policies

Patients should be aware of several important surgery policies before scheduling.

Awareness of these surgery policies will allow you to better plan your surgery:
Important considerations before scheduling vasectomy reversal

Step 1. Complete Vasectomy Reversal Scheduling Questionnaire And Pay Scheduling Fee

Completing this questionnaire will assist us with scheduling your vasectomy reversal:

Start Vasectomy Reversal Scheduling Questionnaire

After completing the Vasectomy Reversal Scheduling Questionnaire, you will need to pay the $175 non-refundable surgery scheduling fee to submit your questionnaire.

You have 90 days to schedule surgery after paying the scheduling fee.

Be aware of the following important points:

  1. You will have to pay the scheduling fee to submit the questionnaire.
  2. You cannot pay the scheduling fee with CareCredit.
  3. The scheduling fee is non-refundable.
  4. If you don’t schedule within 90 days of submitting the questionnaire then you will have to resubmit the questionnaire and repay the scheduling fee.
  5. Most men are candidates for vasectomy reversal surgery. On rare occasions, after a more extensive phone scheduling interview, we may determine you are not a safe candidate for outpatient surgery under general anesthesia. On these rare occasions, we may decline to accept you as a patient. Your scheduling fee will not be refunded.

Most patients will be candidates for reversal. If you have questions about your health history you should call our office and discuss before submitting the scheduling questionnaire.

Step 2. Scheduling phone call

After completing the Vasectomy Reversal Surgery Scheduling questionnaire and paying your scheduling fee, a nurse will call you within two business days to conduct a health interview and schedule your surgery.

It is important to provide a thorough, detailed health history when you speak to the nurse. Providing inaccurate health history or withholding important health information will result in cancellation or rescheduling of your appointment and forfeiture of surgery fees.

During your scheduling phone call, the scheduling nurse will obtain a comprehensive health history and also conditionally confirm your date of surgery. The phone health interview should take less than 20 minutes to complete.

Preoperative lab testing
Preoperative lab testing is not usually required for most vasectomy reversal patients. Depending on your medical history, preoperative testing may be required.

If preoperative testing is required, the nurse will inform you of this during your phone scheduling interview. If your surgery is within the next 90 days, you should have any additional preoperative lab testing performed within 48 hours of scheduling vasectomy reversal. The scheduling nurse will send an order to any lab of your choosing using the information you provided when you called to schedule your appointment.

Step 3. Return signed confirmation letters

After the phone interview is completed the nurse will electronically send your surgery documents by email. These documents can easily be signed and returned electronically to our office.

You will need to read through the documents. Sign and date each of the signature pages and return these documents electronically within 24 hours.

Step 4. Pay surgery fee

Submit payment of your full surgery fee within 24 hours via MasterCard, VISA, or Discover or through a bank-to-bank wire transfer. You may also send a cashier’s check or money order by overnight mail.

  • Most patients will find bank-to-bank wire the most convenient and most cost effective way to send payment. You will be sent wire instructions at the time of scheduling.
  • Payments submitted by credit card will be subject to an additional processing fee.

If you are financing your surgery you should arrange this with the financing company before you start scheduling. In many cases the financing company will send payment to our office separately and before your surgery. You will need to notify our office if you are financing your surgery.

Your surgery date cannot be confirmed until your surgical documents have been electronically signed and returned and your full payment has been received.

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Your vasectomy reversal surgery is confirmed when…

Your surgery is confirmed only when…

  • Lab test results, if required,  have been received and evaluated by our office
  • Surgery documents have been signed and returned
  • Full payment has been received

Do not make hotel or travel reservations until our office has confirmed receipt of all signed documents and full payment for surgery.

Plan your travel

After your vasectomy reversal surgery is confirmed you can plan your travel and make the required travel reservations.

We are located in Raleigh, North Carolina, which is a thriving city with many amenities to make your stay more enjoyable. Our office is located 9 miles away from Raleigh-Durham International (RDU) airport. We are also convenient to Interstates I-95, I-85, and I-40.

Raleigh is also on a major Amtrak train route.

We want our patients to have a great time while they are with us. We recommend you stay in North Hills Mall which is only a half a mile from our office.

More information: North Hills Mall

The North Hill mall area is a fantastic area to stay. Everything (restaurants, pharmacies, grocery stores, shopping and entertainment) is within walking distance.

Making your hotel reservations

Patients are required to stay at either the Hyatt House Raleigh North Hills or one of the alternative hotels listed on our website. All hotels are only a short distance from our office.

If you are a vasectomy reversal patient and live in Wake, Orange, or Durham county then you can opt out of the hotel stay. Please discuss this with a nurse at the time of scheduling.

More information: Where to stay during reversal surgery with Dr. Monteith?

We recommend you make your hotel reservations as soon as your surgery date is confirmed because many of these hotels will fill up during busy travel times. Do not delay making your hotel reservations because these hotels are popular.

Surgery policies

Your confirmation letters will outline the surgical policies you must agree to when having surgery at our center.

The following policies exist for maximal patient safety and exceptions are not made.

Responsible adult. You must bring an adult over the age of 18 with you to the consultation. This person will also need to accompany you on the day of surgery and will need to remain in the surgery center until you are discharged. Only one person should come with you. For their safety and the comfort of other patients, children are not allowed at appointments.

Required hotel. Reversal patients are required to spend both the night before surgery and the night of surgery in Raleigh, North Carolina at either the Hyatt House Raleigh North Hills or one of the alternative hotels listed on our website. If you are a vasectomy reversal patient and live in Wake, Orange, or Durham county then you will not be required to stay at one of the hotels.

Timely arrival. Your consultation time has been reserved specifically for you, so please plan your travel to accommodate this appointment time. You should plan to arrive in Raleigh at least 2 hours before your consultation time. If this is not possible, you should plan to arrive the evening before the consult. If you are driving, please plan your travel so you are in town well ahead of the scheduled consultation time. All departures on the day after surgery should be planned for 12pm or later. No plane, train, or bus reservations should be planned for earlier than 12pm on the day after surgery.

BMI policy. For surgical safety, vasectomy reversal patients are required to have a body mass index (BMI) of less than 40 three (3) weeks before the surgery date. Since many patients are surprised to find their height is less than they assumed and their weight more than they believed, we strongly recommend you verify your height and weight with a doctor before you schedule if you are close to the maximal BMI limit. You can calculate your Body Mass Index using our Body Mass Index calculator.

Failure to bring a responsible adult, stay at the required hotels, arriving late for your surgery consultation, arriving late for your surgery, or being over the BMI limit will result in cancellation of your surgery and forfeiture of surgery fees.

Have Questions? We’re Happy To Help!

We provide a unique surgical experience with personalized attention and one-on-one care. We make every effort to make your surgery less of a process and more of a life’s experience. Please use the buttons below for answers to our frequently asked questions.

One week confirmation phone call

Approximately one (1) week before the date of your surgery, you will receive a confirmation phone call. During this phone call, a staff member will review our surgical policies, answer any remaining questions you may have, and confirm you have made hotel reservations.

One week confirmation email

You will be emailed information discussed during the confirmation phone call. Attached to this email will be the Informed Consent for Surgery and Risk of Surgery documents. Please read these two documents before arriving for your consult. These documents will be discussed and signed during your consult with Dr. Monteith.

You will be provided a copy of your operative report and Dr. Monteith’s recommendations during your post-operative consultation.

Three Month Semen Sample Testing

Dr. Monteith encourages vasectomy reversal patients to have a confirmatory semen sample test performed three (3) months after vasectomy reversal surgery to confirm the reappearance of sperm in the ejaculate. If you have this test completed by our office there will be no charge for the semen samples testing.

If you have the semen sample test performed by an outside laboratory, we will provide you with a lab order and you will be responsible for the cost of the semen sample testing.

Meet Dr. Monteith

As a surgeon my reputation & integrity are extremely important to me. I’ve been providing new choices & new beginnings since 2008. I’ve had the distinct privilege of being the first surgeon in the world to report successful pregnancy within the peer reviewed medical literature after reversal of transcervical hysteroscopic tubal sterilization. Permanent is not forever at my practice! HAVE QUESTIONS?

What Our Patients Are Saying

“We had our surgery on 3/18/15 and on 02/02/16 our 7 pound 11 oz baby girl was born! I’m 34 years old and had tubal ligation done via clamps 8 years prior so this surgery really does work! 8 years later I had the reversal and 9 years later we were blessed with our little girl! So many doctors tried to talk us out of it-wanted us to do IVF to get our money-however praise God we went with this because it does WORK! Dr M is amazing and his staff! The area is beautiful where his office is, and if you do this procedure it will be the best money you ever spend!”

– Charlee-Belle M., Surgery

“From the very first phone call, the staff at A Personal Choice has been amazing! They have answered our numerous questions, concerns and have been amazing. They never give you false hope, but give you the complete story. I am so happy that we chose Dr. Monteith and his staff to make our dreams a reality. Can’t wait to start trying to have a baby. I would and have recommended Dr. Monteith to ANYONE wanting a tubal ligation or vasectomy reversal. Thank you all so much for giving us this chance!”

– Angela W., Essure Reversal

“Excellent service overall! Each stage of the process was carefully explained in great detail: how the procedure works, what to expect during the procedure, what to expect after, possible side effects. Dr. Monteith himself is very knowledgeable and experienced and quite personable too. He has a great sense of humor and uses it generously to put patients at ease. I highly recommend him and his staff to anyone considering either a vasectomy or a vasectomy reversal.”

Chris B., Vasectomy Reversal

“The perfect little angel that I’m holding in my arms right now is the best testament to what Dr. Monteith and his staff do for people. We could not be happier with our decision to use Dr. Monteith. His staff are just amazing. Our entire experience was just a dream! Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!”

Jamie B., Reversal of Cut & Tied Tubes


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Your questions about reversal surgery will be answered directly and promptly by Dr. Monteith. Please read our most frequently asked questions before submitting your questions. Dr. Monteith will not respond to general medical questions or if you are a patient of another doctor and are contacting him because your doctor is unavailable.* If you have been a patient at our reversal center and have specific questions about your medical care you should contact the reversal staff directly at (919) 977-5050.

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