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Reversing The Essure Procedure   July 15th, 2014

essure--coils-after-removalThe Essure procedure is intended to be permanent but it is possible to reverse the Essure procedure.

Dr. Monteith of Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center can remove the Essure coils through a one hour out-patient operation.

Since he started reversing the Essure procedure in 2008, many women have come for Essure removal and a significant number have become pregnant.

Following is the testimonial of one patient who had a successful reversal of her Essure with Dr. Monteith. Continue reading

Tubal Ligation Symptoms: Not All In Your Head!   June 25th, 2014

diagnosing-ptls-can-be-difficultWe exclusively specialize in tubal surgery and tubal ligation reversal surgery.

We perform over 800 tubal repair surgeries a year and, as a result of our exclusive specialization in tubal surgery, we evaluate many patients who have experienced abnormal symptoms after their tubal ligation procedures.

Approximately 10% of our patients come to us for surgery with complaints of tubal ligation side-effects.

Often we can be of assistance with our tubal surgery expertise and our experience with countless other patients who have had similar complaints after tubal ligation. We encourage women with symptoms to discuss them with their doctor. If no cause can be determined then call us to be evaluated for tubal ligation reversal. Continue reading

Uterine Window and Uterine Rupture: Is Tubal Ligation Necessary?   May 22nd, 2014

PTLS-specialistWe often are asked to review tubal ligation operative notes in which uterine windows were seen at the time of c-section. Often the patient’s doctor recommended a tubal ligation because a uterine window was observed and the doctor believed the risk of uterine rupture in future pregnancy would be higher.

Often patients feel pressured into having an unanticipated tubal ligation because of a newly diagnosed condition. Over time these women regret their decision about having a tubal ligation and often feel they were ‘sold’ a tubal ligation.

They eventually contact our office asking if they are candidates for tubal reversal surgery and will the uterine window cause any future problems to pregnancy? Continue reading

Tubal Reversal Puerto Rico: Traveling For The Best Surgery Possible   May 4th, 2014

patient-traveling-from-puerto-rico-for-tubal-ligation-reversalDayri and Luis have traveled from Toa Alta, Puerto Rico for tubal ligation reversal surgery. They chose to place their trust in our ability to help them have more children and we were honored to have them as patients.

We frequently have international patients and I am always eager to share their story and reasons for traveling to us for sterilization reversal.

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